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Latest on the Tiger Woods Scandal: Tiger Woods Women List

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Tiger Woods: Oh no
[ABOVE: Tiger Woods reacts to latest bad news?]

UPDATE: For updates to this story, and the latest on the Tiger Woods Scandal, see Tiger Woods Women List: Tiger Woods Latest Updates at DBKP.

How many women is on the Tiger Woods women list today? Let's take a look.

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* Tiger Woods Women List: Latest mistresses count.

Yesterday, we wrote: "How many women are now on the Tiger Woods' women list? Around a dozen. Joslyn James is the latest name to surface. Sorry, Joslyn. No story--we're reserving that for the first eight or nine mistresses who came forward."

So, what's the latest number of Tiger Woods' women?

Thaindian News has it at 11. Yesterday, we estimated it at a dozen.

Joslyn James is still the latest named woman to have come forward.


In a gigantic cover-up, the golfing great and his "Team Tiger" reps are feverishly working behind the scenes to silence key players - including Ashley Samson, who touched off the massive scandal when she exclusively told The ENQUIRER about Tiger's affair with 34-year-old events planner , NYC party girl Rachel Uchitel.

The ENQUIRER has learned that Woods has also tried to contain the damage by showering millions on his distraught 29-year-old wife Elin, paying an astonishing $3 million to his mistress Rachel - and attempting to get Samson to retract her story with a $200,000 bribe!

The Enquirer also has the story of Ashley Sampson, the woman who originally told the Enquirer about friend--or ex-friend--Rachel Uchitel's affair with Tiger Woods. The Enquirer is saying that the tabloid had to move Sampson to a "safe house" because she "feared for her life".

* Tiger in Trouble? Tiger Woods' Favorables Fall to 38%

Rasmussen has just released a poll that's bad news for Tiger sponsors: Tiger Woods is now seen favorably by just 38% of respondents. Two years ago, 83% had a favorable opinion of Woods.
49% now hold an unfavorable view of the golfing superstar.

The Enquirer is also reporting that TIGER WOODS NEW NIGHTMARE: SEX TAPES & LOVE CHILDREN!

A disgraced Tiger Woods is terrified that the worst news is yet to come - that he fathered love children with his mistresses! And his many liaisons may have been caught on tape!

That's the bombshell charge that could wreck what's left of his once squeaky-clean image, sink his badly tattered marriage and destroy his multimillion-dollar endorsement empire.

The Enquirer says that there's a lot of video footage out there that's captured indiscreet Tiger moments.

Among the places they claim to have had sex with the sports superstar are his Florida mansion and a series of hotels - all places that have security cameras.

At least one of the women also shot homemade videos of romps with other boyfriends.

* Sponsors dropping Tiger? Gatorade Drops Tiger Woods Endorsement; More to Follow?

* Tiger said "family influenced him" in designing golf course.
An October video on The Cliffs at High Carolina's Web site shows Tiger Woods touring the site of his planned golf course and talking about how his family influenced his decision to design his first American golf course in the upscale community.

“With a wife and two kids, your perspective on life changes,” he says in the video.

MORE: The Cliffs at High Carolina stands behind Woods

That's it for the latest Tiger Woods updates. Check out Tiger Woods Scandal: Library of DBKP Articles. It's being updated a few times a day right now for the latest Tiger Woods updates and news.

by Mondo Frazier
image: National Enquirer

UPDATE: For updates to this story, see Tiger Woods Women List: Tiger Woods Latest Updates at DBKP.


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