Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiger Woods 5th Mistress: Mindy Lawton; 6th Mistress Next

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How many more mistresses?

You can't even use the line, "another day, another Tiger Woods' mistress" anymore. There's so many women coming out of the woodwork with pictures, text messages and other proof of having had an affair with Tiger Woods, the media is beginning to lose count.

UPDATES to this post at DBKP: Tiger Woods 5th Mistress: Mindy Lawton; Looking for the 6th Mistress

Mistress number 5 seems to be Mindy Lawton, according to the UK Daily Mail story that has a bit of everything: cover-ups, tabloids, mistresses and world class golfer, Tiger Woods.

FROM Tiger Woods, the $8-an-hour diner waitress and the deal that kept their affair out of the news:

Today, Mindy Lawton, 34, knows that she was just one of many mistresses taken by the golfer. But, according to her family, throughout their 14-month affair she laboured under the delusion that what she had with Tiger was special and that they were in love.

Mindy's sister, Orlando primary school teacher Lynn Lawton, said: 'She is extremely, extremely naive, my sister. She is single, never married, never had children and still looking for a relationship. I have to hand it to him. It was brilliant to choose my sister to play his kind of game.'

Oh and there's tons more--including coverup news and how one tabloid shot video of Tiger and Mindy at a most inopportune time--at the link: Tiger Woods' Diner Waitress Mistress

Mindy Lawton has a Facebook page, but we haven't confirmed it's the same Mindy Lawton, so we'll offer no link yet. Readers may want to do their own detective work and come to their own conclusions.

The Mindy Lawton on Facebook does bear a resemblance, though.

Two eyes, a nose and a face.

Of course, we're no photography experts: that's why we're saying "We don't know."

Is Mindy Lawton the same unnamed woman that was cited in an earlier report by TMZ as mistress number 5? We're not sure. One thing we are sure of, though.

The UK Daily Mail has Tiger's 5th mistress down.

We're waiting for number 6 now. Is there any doubts that there will be a number 6?

Saturday Night Live Tiger Woods Skit Video

Video of SNL's Tiger Woods Skit. [video time: 4:41]

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UPDATES to this post at DBKP: Tiger Woods 5th Mistress: Mindy Lawton; Looking for the 6th Mistress

by Mondo Frazier
images: UK Daily Mail; Facebook

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