Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods: Mindy Lawton, Pictures, Cori Rist, Lost Sponsors?

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Tiger Woods
News, updates, pictures, mistresses, videos and links
MORE UPDATES and NEWS at DBKP: Tiger Woods Updates: Mindy Lawton, Cori Rist and Lost Sponsors

Tiger Woods Updates:

Are you tired of Tiger yet?

What's the latest on Tiger Woods and his merry band of mistresses?


Let's review.

A few Tiger Woods updates if you haven't been following over the scandal over the weekend.

How many mistresses did Tiger Woods have?

If things continue this week as they did over the weekend, we'll be approaching "take off the shoes" time. As in, once you run out of fingers, you have to use your toes.

As of this writing, there are 6 women who supposedly carried on affairs with Tiger Woods since he became married. There are whispers of others, but at the moment, they are only that: whispers.

Who are these Tiger Woods mistresses?

The down-and-dirty rundown of Tiger girls.

The first mistress: Rachel Uchitel. She's the one that was the cause of Tiger and wife, Elin's argument which led to him leaving and her pursuing with golf club in hand. Which led to his wreck, which led to questions, which led to confessions and talk of "transgressions", which led to today....

The 2nd mistress: Jaime Grubbs.

The 3rd mistress: Kalika Moquin.

[ABOVE: Tiger Woods mistresses numbers 2-1-3]

The 4th mistress: Jaime Jungers. For more pictures of Jungers, see one of the Tiger Woods links at the end of this piece

[ABVOE: Jaime Jungers]

The 5th mistress: Mindy Lawton.

Tiger Woods mistress #5: Mindy Lawton (not Mindy Lawson)

Mindy Lawton, Tiger Woods' 5th Mistress
[ABOVE: Mindy Lawton, Tiger Woods' 5th mistress]

The 6th mistress: Cori Rist. More on Rist in our next report (we're in a hurry!)

The 7th mistress: ????

We'll update later this afternoon with a more comprehensive piece--we promise.

Will Tiger lose his sponsors?

This is just the quick take: yes and no. There are some sponsors who will re-think their relationship with Woods' after the barrage of negative publicity. With others, it won't matter.

For example, EA Sports who's responsible for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour might even like the publicity. All of this talk of mistresses might even give EA a few new story lines to jazz up their next edition. Who knows what players will see in the gallery along the way and what might happen?!?

We'll take a comprehensive look at Tiger sponsors and what their reactions thus far have been (mostly supportive) later in the week.

That must have been some argument in that it took place in front of Tiger's mom, huh?

As we noted in one of our updates, Tiger Woods' mother was present when Tiger left his home for his ill-fated early AM drive into tabloid history. According to reports, she brought a blanket out of the house for her son.

Wonder what she thought of daughter-in-law Elin's wielding of the golf club?

There's a lot more to discuss--like there's anything that hasn't been touched on over the last week. But we'll get to it later this afternoon. For right now, we have to leave.

No, we haven't located another Tiger Woods mistress.

MORE UPDATES and NEWS at DBKP: Tiger Woods Updates: Mindy Lawton, Cori Rist and Lost Sponsors

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by Mondo Frazier
images: UK Daily Mail; Facebook

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