Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods: Gambling, Women, Drugs, Alcohol and Affairs

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Tiger Woods, gambler
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PLUS: Tiger's Wife, Elin Nordegren Moves Out--Can you blame her?

We'd say "Tiger Woods: Drugs, Sex and Rock 'N' Roll!"

But for all we know, the world class golfer likes Barry White.

We've heard reports that one Vegas casino gave Woods a one million dollar limit--provided he played $25K a hand during the time he was there.

Kinda pricey, if you ask me.

But Tiger can obviously afford it.

He's rumored to be a great blackjack player--but at a high level of wagering, it only takes a couple of bad nights and you're in the hole.

No pun intended.

Of course, Las Vegas gambling joints aren't in the business to give money away. They're in business to rake it in from high rollers. One way they do so is by floating stories of how "really good" a high roller is.

Here's a bet--made to no one in particular--that over the years, excluding golf of course, that Tiger's lost more than he's won.

it's been whispered that Woods may have recently lost as much a million and a quarter dollars--in one night!

Tiger had a lot happen in Vegas that didn't stay in Vegas.

THE ONLY ANSWER from this corner: "Hey, a man's got to eat..."

So Tiger liked gambling. What golfer doesn't? Isn't that a lot of the allure of golfing? Clark relates how Tiger morphed into a heavy-duty high-roller after hanging out with mega-betting Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan.

NOT exactly a pair of anti-gambling role models. But who's looking for role models in Las Vegas anyhow?

If Tiger was hanging with Barkley and Jordan, we're sure he's been on the losing end of some big nights.

But, one supposes that Tiger also has some big winning days and nights. Otherwise, why play?

And in Vegas, winning a quarter-mil a day--or losing it--is no big deal to a guy who's worth a cool billion. Is it? One rumor is that he lost over a quarter mil one night and came back the next day to get it all back.

Sounds like gambler tales.

Question: What were Tiger Woods and his wife doing right before he had his car wreck?
Answer: Clubbing.


According to published reports, Rachel Uchitel was reported to say that her and Tiger took "drugs" because it led to "crazy sex".

According to POLICE DOCUMENT: Cops Believed Tiger Was On Vicodin And Ambien When He Crashed: "The trooper who investigated Tiger Woods’ bizarre one-car crash sought a subpoena for the golfer’s medical records because he believed he was on Vicodin and Ambien and had been drinking alcohol."

Police documents here.

It's unlikely Tiger and his mistresses took the narcotic Halcyon--that would only lead to "drool sex".

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by Mondo Frazier

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