Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anthony Weiner on O'Reilly Factor: Sweet Little Lies

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“I dont see how I could,” said Weiner, when I asked whether he’d vote for a bill without a robust public plan. “I dont see any way I could.” His throwing down of the gauntlet is more striking when you consider that he’s known at home in New York as a moderate who’s not known for bucking leadership.
--Weiner: “I Don’t See Any Way” I Can Vote For Bill Without Public Option
[Weiner, of course, voted not once, but twice for a bill without a robust public option--or any public option.]



Antony Weiner refused five times to answer Bill O'Reilly's question about the why the IRS will be enforcing the individual mandate of ObamaCare.

In fact, Weiner not only said that won't happen, he accused O'Reilly of being "deceptive!"

But then, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) once said that he would not support an ObamaCare bill without a public option. So, we know Weiner's words don't match his actions.

Weiner was on Bill O'Reilly last night and refused to tell the truth about the effects of Obama's American Medical Destruction Act which Weiner promoted.

We'd label Weiner a "proud Progressive," but the Congressman is in that stage where, having committed legislative mischief, he still has to lie about what his handiwork will accomplish.


Anthony G. Martin, in the Examiner [Curious interview with Democrat Anthony Weiner on enforcement of ObamaCare] hammers Weiner as we would--which is a good thing. It was hard to believe our eyes at the many blatant lies told by Weiner. So another report by someone watching is confirmation.

To be more blunt, the lies told by Weiner in this interview are utterly astounding.

To his credit, O'Reilly, who of late has angered conservatives and long-time supporters with his seeming willingness to run interference for Obama and company, hammered the Congressman on the issue of enforcement of the provisions of ObamaCare--such as requiring every American to buy insurance whether they want it or not, and using the IRS as a spy agency to track down those who refuse to comply, levying fines against those who do not participate in the system.

Repeatedly Congressman Weiner claimed that none of this is true. In fact, he reiterated at least 6 times that the IRS would not force compliance and that 'Democrats made it clear we do not wish to criminalize anyone over this.'

O'Reilly would have none of it, and rightly so. If in order for the program to work all Americans must be forced to buy health insurance, then clearly the government must have a plan in place to deal with the non-compliant...'lawbreakers,' if the word 'criminal' is too strong.

Again, Weiner vehemently denied there was any such plan to monitor or force compliance.

The outright, blatant contradiction of this is utterly astounding. Either the program is mandatory, or it is voluntary. And if it is voluntary, Americans can refuse to participate with no recrimination by the government.

Readers will do well to look at Martin's whole piece: it's a good one.

Why does Weiner lie?

Because in The Left's war on America, it's not only permissible, it's necessary.

Weiner does what Progressives do: lie and then project his own behavior onto others.

Just listen to what progressives/tyrants say. Remember, what they accuse conservatives of being, such as an angry mob, is who they are in reality. Since they are so radical, and hateful of the good in society, they have to project their ill will onto others. Hitler exemplified Freudian projection theory. In speaking to the Reichstag in Berlin in 1942 about his disdain for Churchill, Hitler in fact described himself.

"He is the most bloodthirsty or amateurish strategist in history...For over 5 years this man has been chasing around Europe like a madman in search of something that he could set on fire. The gift Mr. Churchill possesses, is the gift to lie with a pious expression on his face and to distort the truth...His abnormal state of mind can only be explained as symptomatic of a paralytic disease or of a drunkard's ravings."

Weiner accuses O'Reilly of "making things up" when it is Weiner who is not telling the truth--on national TV!

NY Mag's Daily Intel thought the exchange was amusing. But then, NY Mag is a usually-reliable mouthpiece for Progressive criminals.

Bill O’Reilly and New York congressman Anthony Weiner had at it on the O’Reilly Factor tonight, butting heads over the health care reform bill. While both make gestures of remaining civil during the argument, Weiner - amusingly, we must admit - gets increasingly frustrated as the conversation progresses.

--Anthony Weiner To O'Reilly: "You Are Making Stuff Up" -- Daily Intel

Last night was only the latest lies Weiner has told about this bill. Back in September, Weiner said the following.

“I dont see how I could,” said Weiner, when I asked whether he’d vote for a bill without a robust public plan. “I dont see any way I could.” His throwing down of the gauntlet is more striking when you consider that he’s known at home in New York as a moderate who’s not known for bucking leadership.

ObamaCare is such a good bill, it takes the IRS to enforce its mandatory provisions. It's such a good bill Rep. Anthony Weiner will go on the O'Reilly Factor and say that's not true.

If ObamaCare is the Wonderland that Weiner says it is, why did the Congressman exempt him and his family from its glorious Progressive benefits? Why are they only to apply to Weiner's constituents and not the Congressman himself?

Here's a word cloud of the words Americans use to describe Congress: of which Weiner is currently a member.

Weiner does what Progressives always do after they piss on you: They tell you it's raining.

CORRECTION: Weiner's party affiliation was changed from "Marxist-NY" to "D-NY" to reflect his official designation.

by Mondo Frazier

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