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How's Rielle Hunter Doing? Almost 100% Negative Comments

Rielle Hunter's Mistress Rehab Media Image Tour has stopped at GQ and will pull into Oprah's in 4 more weeks. How's John Edwards' mistress doing with the fans? If the comments on articles about her are any guide: not so hot.


2010 Rielle Hunter Mistress Rehab Media Tour Continues

Former mistress and current media manipulator, Rielle Hunter, has booked the second leg of her Image Rehab Tour on Oprah the first week of May. But how was her first stop received? What did readers think of her infamous 10-page GQ interview?

Did Rielle Hunter change any minds out there? We were curious, so we went looking.

But first, a bit of history, for those coming late to the story.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's Jeff Labrecque has the conventional wisdom on John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter's Magical Mistress Make-Over Tour.

Now that Edwards’ political career is kaput, do we really need to grant Hunter a showcase for her version of the tawdry details?

Fair or not, is there anything Hunter can tell Oprah that will improve her public image? Do you even want to hear what she has to say? Will you watch?

That seems to the take from both the Left and Right. Hunter seems to be a lot like medicine: you can only take her in very small doses. The correct dosage for Rielle seems to be smaller than she's willing to provide.

One can only image what Hunter would be doing today instead of doing Oprah had the media chose to cover the affair back when it was relevant in 2007-08.

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Instead, a total black-out (with the exception of a few lines in the NY Post) of coverage imposed a news vacuum for 10 months--until Edwards gave the go-ahead for his buddies in the media to talk about it by "confessing" on ABC's Nightline on August 8, 2008.

If the story had been covered from the beginning, Edwards would have bowed out and the soap opera that ensued would not have happened: No Enquirer chasing Edwards around the Beverly Hilton, no tortured non-denial denials, no Nightline lies and drama.

Rielle Hunter would be at best Old News--or no news at all.

No doubt Hunter would be proposing some type of reality show which featured the appearance of her daughter, Frances Quinn. Quinn is the only thing that makes Hunter palatable in print or TV.

And she knows it.

Hence any media must make the trek to Charlotte, NC to interview her at her home--where conveniently, FQ also resides. Frances Q. becomes a topic of conversation during the interview--thus lifting the focus, if for only a few moments--from the frothy narcissism-cum-Eastern mystical cluelessness that makes up Hunter's persona.

If the EPA regulated auras, there'd be a TOXIC DO NOT ENTER sign nailed to Hunter's forehead.

But enough. What do readers think?


Here's some comments from the GQ interview itself. These are representative. After combing through pages, no positive comments on Rielle Hunter were found.

Rielle Hunter seems to be the Richard Nixon of mistresses.

But that's not an exact parallel: Nixon had his foreign policy admirers.

On to the comments.

BTW, Zara, you mentioned a comparison to Camilla Parker Bowles and I must respectfully disagree. 1. Camilla kept her mouth shut. She never once gave a tell-all interview even after they married. 2. Unlike Johnny & Ms. New Age Hunter, I believe Charles and Camilla clearly loved each other and had a relationship that went far beyond sex. 3. Camilla actually had a means to support herself other than living off a man. (She was heiress to a property development fortune from a grandfather, but even before that, she actually WORKED.) 4. Lastly, Charles actually married Camilla whereas I think there is a better chance of Johnny Boy being elected to public office again than ever marrying this woman.

"You can't help you fall in love with? BULL. SHIP. Yes you can. You stay away, simple as that. Just because you don't want to and don't think its fair blah blah blah doesn't mean you CAN'T. This woman is like a deluded 15 year old trying to convince herself that it was something magical and special because she knows she did a despicable thing, but if she can convince herself (and everyone else) that it was LOVE and DESTINY and whatever other SPIRITUAL TRUTH crap she wants to spew, then it doesn't seem so bad. And if that crap was the FACTUAL TRUTH then would he have really denied it and denied her and lied and whatever else? And did the author really call her smart? Because how smart can she be if she sits there and acknowledges all his deliberate and elaborate and intentional lies, and then say she "knows" he would never lie to her? It kills me that these women get this attention. Clearly I am a fool for going to college and having a job instead of just making a career out of being a slut. BLAH."

Well, kids, we haven't heard the last of Rielle Hunter. CNN reported today that Oprah is going to interview her. While I wish Oprah would not have agreed to this since it is clear Hunter craves attention, I doubt this is going to be any softball interview. She had Andrew Young on a few months ago and did nothing to hide her disgust over John making that sex tape and lying repeatedly to Elizabeth. Oprah is a helluva lot smarter than Hunter, so it will be interesting to see this!

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