Saturday, April 10, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama: Rock Star


Hillary famously conducted a 'listening tour'; Obama's been on a 38-month, non-stop 'Listen to me Tour.'

Unemployment is up--always 'unexpectedly'--consumer confidence is down and we're running out of allies to bash: just another day in the 48-month stretch known as the Obama presidency.

Rarely does a day pass that this president doesn't further the campaign that began in February 2007: The BHO 24/7 ME Tour. American Idol, March Madness, David Letterman: Obama's signature piece might not be ObamaCare--that will be long gone by 2013--it will be his No TV Show Left Behind.

The more Americans see of the preening whine-meister in the Oval Office, the lower his approval ratings go. The country is growing restive under the thumb of Barack Hussein Jagger and his band of Democrat cronies.

Originally posted at DBKP: Barack Obama: President Rock Star

While Obama and crew never miss a chance to savage "the fat cats" on TV, it's all kibbles and bits behind the scenes as Democrats attract huge amounts of special interest money.

Barack Obama recreates the Jimmy Carter years: America's enemies are laughing, her friends are nervous. And the world respects this president every bit as much as they respected Carter. Instead of handing out government cheese, this president hands out weatherstripping.

The CIA is a punching bag: under our Rolling Stone president, Eric Holder and the Justice Dept. are the perpetrators; under Carter, the dirty work was outsourced to the Senate's Church Committee. But the results are the same: America is less safe, though it will take months before that becomes apparent to the apolitical.

Instead of Iran taking American embassy personnel hostages--as they did under Carter--32 years later, they'll be going nuclear. With Obama, as with Carter, there will be no retaliation.

Who's scared of a rock star?

The only ones even paying attention to our rock star president are roadies and toadies.

That is why countries on the edge of the civilizational clash between the West and its enemies are choosing the strong horse over the rock star: Lebanon kisses up with Syria; Kyrgyzstan with Russia; and everyone within missile distance of Tehran is rushing to either acquire their own deterrents or making nice with Ahmadinejad.

How strange that the words to remember to help get through the remainder of this president's administration are "Don't give up hope."

Only 32 more months of Mick Obama to go.

by Mondo Frazier
* Freaking News

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