Friday, April 9, 2010

Media Matters: Some Senior Fellow Candidates

Mark Steyn has questions.:

By the way, I understood Media Matters to be a George Soros-funded website. Is it normal for websites to have "senior fellows"? The Media Matters guy who used to to transcribe my "lame jokes" from The Rush Limbaugh Show is now apparently a Senior Fellow. Can we have some? Which NRO Professor Emeritus of Racism and Homophobia do I have to kiss up to to get a little tenured credentialization around here?

And Steyn is absolutely right: what other website features "senior fellow" other than the AARP?

Which prompted us to go looking for some "senior fellows." We found some and wondered if they toiled for Media Matters.

At Media Matters, senior fellows cover different areas of policy. Here is a senior fellow who strongly disagrees on one policy or another.

Originally posted at DBKP: Media Matters: On the Prowl for Senior Fellows

A senior fellow. Does he collect a paycheck from George Soros for listening to Rush Limbaugh? If he doesn't, he might like to know where to sign up.

Red Eye's Greg Gutfeld often uses Red Eye Robot Theater to shine a light on Media Matters' senior fellows. Is this an unemployed Red Eye Robot from one of those skits?

The most senior of MM's senior fellows is pushing 80.

A senior fellow who knows how to party! Could this be MMFA's Eric Boehlert?

Party time for the senior fellows at MMFA? (An alternate caption might have read: A gay old time?)

How many of these senior fellows are in the employ of Media Matters?

The investigation continues...

by Mondo Frazier

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