Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dealing with Illegal Immigration: Dream the Impossible Dream

Originally posted at DBKP: Illegal Immigration: Anything is Possible With Political Will with updates.

Well, well, well........

"Deportation of all the illegals is impossible". Or is it?

We hear all the time about how it is "impossible to deport all the illegals in this country". Impossible? Really? I guess it is impossible if no one even tries. Seems like no one even wants to try. If there's no effort to do it then yes, I guess it is impossible. However, here's a novel idea....

How about making the effort? Traffic stops could probably yield a large number and how about those that are actually arrested committing crimes or any number of other instances where law enforcement comes into contact with illegals? And how about at all the protests? I'm sure the illegal alien community is quite well represented.

Arizona immigrant law energizes Hispanics, Democrats

Which brings me to:

So the illegals are going to protest all over the country on Mayday? Seems like that would be a good time to round a few of 'em up since there will be plenty of them all in one place. And don't start throwing the "racist" crap around. It's about ILLEGAL aliens. ILLEGAL. You know, the ones that come across the border in defiance of the LAW.

We have been presented with "impossible" tasks in the past but somehow we managed to overcome the obstacles that eventually made the impossible (gasp)......possible!!

Remember this?

It'a a Saturn V rocket. Used to carry

This. This is the Apollo 11 capsule. You know, the one
that took us....................


But that was impossible........right? Yeah......right.

So don't tell me that this

Or this.

To keep these guys

Or these guys

From being impossible when we went


On a prototype.

This is the United States of America. NOTHING is impossible if
you have the will and guts to do it.

by RidesAPaleHorse

images provided by: RAPH

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