Sunday, April 25, 2010

Socialism's Dreadful Equation Grinding Down Citizens

Money, power and value are all components of an equation that gets royally screwed up in the hands of a socialist government.


Originally posted at DBKP: Grinding Down the Masses with the Dreadful Equation of Socialism

Doctor Zero investigates the relationship between money, value and power--and how that equation is different in capitalist and socialist countries.

From The Dreadful Equation:

In a constitutional republic, our elected government is meant to be the exclusive concentration of legitimate power. By definition, the amount of power exercised by the government increases as it grows larger. Power is compulsion – fines, subsidies, regulations, and imprisonment. More power means less freedom. Reduced freedom means less value. As money is drained away from free citizens, their ability to cooperate voluntarily is reduced… and only voluntary cooperation produces genuine value.

This is the dreadful equation of socialism. Money can be used to create value, or it can fuel the exercise of power, but not both. You can see this happening around you, right now. It has happened everywhere in the world, every time central planning has been tried. It would happen even if politicians were the selfless, compassionate, disciplined civil servants they claim to be. The fantastic corruption typical of socialist states, most definitely including our current Administration, serves to weaken the rate of exchange between value and power. The high-performance fiber optic communication lines of free-market capitalism have been torn out, and converted into feeding tubes for our bloated central government. Every dollar you pay the government in taxes and regulatory costs is another moment of your time that cannot be invested in willing cooperation with others.

Dreadful to be sure.

But surprisingly dreadful to those who choose to ignore the history behind the equation.

To some, it is much more important to have a country of where's everyone is equally poor--with the exception of the elites at the top--instead of letting hard work, knowledge and, yes sometimes, luck, determine the outcomes.

In that former category, readers may firmly place our current president and his regime's henchmen.

by Mondo FRazier

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