Monday, November 5, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter Canceled:

UPDATE -11-05-07 Monday


Dog "Duane" Chapman, Day 6 in the continuing story of Dog the Bounty Hunter, the tapes of his cellphone call to his son about his son's girlfriend. Throughout the tapes, Dog can be heard using the N-word repeatedly, but says that he doesn't care if the girl is black or not and is more concerned with her character than the color of her skin.

Dog's spiritual adviser, Tim Storey, then issued statements repeating Chapman's remorse at his language. Storey also related that for the last year, he's been working with the Bounty Hunter to clean up his speech in general. Storey is black and testified that Chapman's use of the N-word was not hate-directed.

"Dog the Bounty Hunter" is first pulled from the air and then production is canceled by the Arts & Entertainment Network. A & E's statement seems to leave the door open that the popular series might resume at a later date, however.

FAN REACTION:Fan speculation has been both passionate and continuing. From the letters, comments and browsing, it seems that fan reaction is running about 80% in favor of the Bounty Hunter. The most common response seems to be "He shouldn't have said it, but he was on a private cellphone to his son. Get the show back on the air."

Of course, with any large group of people, you have people at both extremes of the issue. Some want Chapman's hide, some use the incident to spew slanderous things. But, on the whole for a story which stirred some passions, the reaction has been mostly passionate, but reasonable.

Chapman, upon the release of the tapes, apologized and expressed the wish to meet with black leaders and make amends. Tamkika Mallory, a member of Al Sharpton's group called for the show to be off the air at about the same time it was going down. This weekend, Sharpton himself issued a statement which called on Dog to march in an anti-hate demonstration at Jena, LA. No reaction from Dog on the Sharpton proposal.

Meanwhile, we also learned this weekend that Chapman's son, Tucker, sold the tapes for a "large sum of money" to the National Enquirer, which had released them. This wasn't the first time Tucker Chapman had sold the tabloids information on his perp-tracking father.

Tucker Chapman appears to have violated Hawaii law by making the tapes of the cellphone call without his father's knowledge.

That's where the situation stands now. Not much happening and it seems that Dog is laying low and taking the stand that "no news is good news."

Expect to hear more on this later today as everyone involved returns to their workaday routine after this bizarre and unfortunate incident.

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