Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter Show Canceled:
Al Sharpton Responds to Dog

Dog the Bounty Hunter has gotten his response to a request to "meet with black leaders". The leader is Al Sharpton. The response is a mixed bag. Sharpton, who is familiar with the subject of hate crimes, is going to be leading a march against them and invited the Dog to join him.

More from Black Entertainment Television:
In a letter, Sharpton encourages Chapman to join a Nov. 16 march against hate crimes that Sharpton is helping to organize. He says he won't alter his schedule to meet with the bail bondsman, who used the "N" word several times and berated his son's girlfriend, who is Black, in a phone conversation.

Sharpton's letter reads, in part: "As a minister, I would be inclined to meet with you despite the racist and grotesque things I heard you say, but I am not willing to rearrange my schedule around the country building up for this march to do so. If you wish to meet with me somewhere on the road that is fine, but be assured that I will not sanitize the kind of hate language that leads to the hate action that has left so many people vulnerable in America today… If you are sincere that this does not reflect you, you should not only meet with us, but you should march with us on Nov. 16 and call on the government of the United States to protect people, that unlike you don't have publicists, don't have lawyers and don't have any protection."
There has been no reported response to the Sharpton invitation.

by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

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