Friday, November 16, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter: White Supremacists Put Bounty On Duane "Dog" Chapman's Head

The Bounty Hunter Now Has a Price on His Head

White Supremacists Threaten the Dog With Death

We received an alert from Google News about an hour ago and included in the offerings was the news that the Dog was in danger.

How would the Bounty Hunter respond to having a bounty placed on his head?

How would his fans respond?

How could this be true?

White power groups threaten to kill the Dog because of his public apology on TV? That's sensational news to be sure. The following story was reported at Contact Music "White Supremacists Threaten to Kill Duane "Dog" Chapman".
A group of hardcore white supremacists have put a bounty on DUANE 'DOG' CHAPMAN's head after he publicly apologised for racial slurs he was caught using in a taped conversation.
This fired up some Dog fans who commented on the story at Contact Music. The following was a comment by Mike 2003:
hey white supremacists you like to talk alot of BS but you can't back it up one of these days you gonna threaten someone and your gonna find your damn body 6ft under so just keep talking your damn s**t that you can't f**king back up.
Mike 2003 continues until the rest of his comment is mostly ***'s.

Contact Music doesn't seem to be the leader in world wide news. The link they provided with the story was marked "CNN". Upon following the link, it led us back to Contact Music's page. Maybe the guys around the water cooler call Contact Music "CNN" for short.

Upon checking CNN's website, there was no record of the story there, either. The story from Contact Music went on to state:
His rant upset black America and now it seems his apology has upset members of the Aryan Nation, who want to teach Chapman a lesson for bowing to pressure and apologising to African-Americans.

Niger Innis, a spokesman for the Congress Of Racial Equality, tells U.S. tabloid the Globe that he has discovered the white supremacists want the bounty hunter dead - and they're offering $75,000 (GBP37,500) to anyone who'll carry out the job.

Innis tells the publication, "Chapman told me himself that there was a bounty on his head from the white Aryan Nations. "They don't believe he is demonstrating enough white pride... Chapman's not only upset black America with his ugly taped talk, he's now drawn the wrath of the white supremacists too."

We next checked out the Globe's website to find that they didn't have anything on the story either--at least on their site.

So, next we sent someone over to the Aryan Nations website.

The "Official Website" had plenty of swastikas. They had story of "Jew Watch", which we didn't stop to check out. Also one on "Red Cross Proves Holocaust a Fraud" was featured.

We sent people to check out a few other Neo-Nazi/White Supremacists sites. One site had it in their data base, but it was unsearchable when we tried.

Still no news of a price on Dog's head.

Seems this Bounty Hunter story is a hoax.

After an hour of digging and following leads, there doesn't seem to be anything to back this story up except the lone story at Contact Music.

Where did they get it? Attempts to reach someone at Contact Music bore no fruit. We'll try again tomorrow. We suspect that the result will be same.

Why did they put up a story marked "CNN"?

Maybe to draw some attention to their website and possibly sell some music.

Maybe they thought it was true. Perhaps they still do believe it to be true. We'll see. The truth is: more checking is ahead.

Everyone concerned can breathe a bit easier, although I'm sure fans of the Dog the Bounty Hunter show would be up in arms at their favorite TV star threatened. We're sure Dog can take care of himself, in any case.

And hopefully, Contact Music puts more care and thought in their music than they do in their news stories.

by Mondoreb
legwork: Little Baby Ginn

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