Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MySpace Suicide Reaction:
Outrage! Outrage! Outrage!

The "MySpace Suicide" reaction to the Megan Meier story has been outrage. Outrage on a lot of levels.

Outrage at the vicious Internet attack on a 13-year-old girl by parents of the girl's erstwhile friend.

Outrage that the responsible adults have not been held accountable by the law.

Outrage that the only action taken has been a complaint filed by the parents who concocted this cruel hoax against the parents of the girl who committed suicide. They filed a complaint with local police against Megan's parents.

The reason?

After finding out who was responsible for the creation of the fictitious MySpace account that led to their daughters suicide, Megan's parents destroyed a foosball table they had been storing for the heartless adults.

Some of that outrage surfaced at the Orlando Sentinel:
Girl Commits Suicide Over Internet Prank by ADULTS--Who is Responsible?
I heard this on the MJ Morning Show this morning and had to share. This story is so heinous, disgusting...I don't even know where to begin.

Any folks out there who are lawyers, law enforcement officers, or judges--can you shed some light? I'm looking for your input.

Some of it surfaced at the home of the original reporter, Steve Pokin, of the story in suburban St.Louis. Readers Respond in Force to Story on MySpace Suicide
Some of you have asked your children to read the story and have requested/demanded to look at their MySpace pages.Of course, there has been outrage over the fact that Josh Evans - a 16-year-old who never existed - was created not by a teen, but by an adult. That anger is reflected in the comments posted on the Journal's Web sites.
The comments on both pieces were mostly of the "WTF" variety.

Cruel MySpace Prank Leads to Teen's Suicide

DBKP, because we were the first in the blogosphere to pick up on this story, was contacted early yesterday morning by FoxNews from New York. The story is still flying under the radar for most of the nation.

It will get more attention for a variety of reasons. It's tragic that a young girl lost her life. It's tragic that it was adults that were responsible for her misery.
And that tragedy continues that no justice has been found for the bereaved parents of Megan Meiers.

It will draw attention to the mostly unsupervised world that teens inhabit on MySpace. The Internet, in our minds, should remain free.

However, that puts a responsibility on parents to properly supervise their children's actions. It's a responsibility that many parents voice, but far fewer practice.

It will command some space in any article wishing to argue against 'decadent American suburbia'. It will serve as an excuse to discuss some writer's pet peeve, however unrelated to this story it may be.

Additionally, it may focus attention on a culture that focuses on drama 24/7. The betting here is that there are more conversations on the latest drug-induced bumblings of Britney than there are about responsibility in many homes.

Drama sells.

Ask Inside Edition or any of the celeb-pandering shows that proliferate on the tube.

The story of Megan Meier is tragic story.

Hopefully, that story will spark some conversation and debate that will prevent other stories like hers from happening.

by Mondoreb

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Mondoreb @ BNN:
MySpace Suicide Reaction: Outrage!


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