Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lori Drew: The Mystery of the Megan Had it Coming Blog

The mystery of why the Megan Had it Coming blog is still up continues.

Another report of the evil blogosphere dogging a helpless victim.

We present another sighting of the "Power of the Evil Bloggers" and a statement released yesterday by Jim Briscoe, Lori Drew's attorney, concerning the Megan Had it Coming blog:

A blogger at a website claiming to be Lori Drew and commenting on the Megan Meier suicide case is an imposter, the Drew family said in a statement issued Friday by their attorney.

The statement says, "First and foremost, the Drew family mourns the death of Megan every day." The statement was the first public comment by Lori and Curt Drew on the death of 13-year-old Megan, although their lawyer has made statements on their behalf.

Friday's statement reiterates that Lori Drew was not aware of any mean or nasty comments made by anyone online against Megan until after Megan took her life. The negative comments that were sent occurred when Lori Drew was not home, and teenagers at other locations also made several negative comments.

"Lori Drew has been a high-profile target of extreme criticism for things she did not do," the family's statement says.

Bloggers have threatened the family and called for boycotts of businesses that advertised with Lori Drew's business. The statement says an "avalanche of criticism" forced her to discontinue a coupon book she had sold in St. Charles County for nine years.

The statement also says the Drews have not and will not participate in any blogs or other discussions online regarding Megan's death, and that anyone posting a message who claims to be a member of the Drew family is an imposter.

Jim Briscoe, the Drews' attorney, said he contacted the operators of a website where many of the messages have appeared and asked that the blog be removed. A company representative said it was reviewing the request. The blog included a defense of Lori Drew's actions and criticized Megan. St. Charles County authorities also are investigating who created the blog.

Megan's parents, Tina and Ron Meier, could not be reached for comment Friday.
Time on the DBKP Megan Had it Coming Blogwatch clock:

19 days, 22 hours, 51 minutes

Since the blog was created.

Only Lori Drew can shut it down. Why hasn't she done so?

Her lawyer says he's trying. If Lori Drew emails Blogger, and the email isn't the same as what was used to set up the blog, the blog would come down immediately.

What's the delay?

Why the hesitation in having Ms. Drew pick up the phone? Or write an email?

Or does she have the power to delete the blog already and not want to touch it, for obvious reasons?

We don't know the answers.

We're just asking the questions.

by Mondoreb
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Drew Family Says Blogger is Imposter


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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