Saturday, December 8, 2007

Democrats and Republicans: Attitudes on Taxes Highlight Difference Between Parties

Rangel tax plan only one of many clever Democrat schemes

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A reminder that all political parties are not created equal--at least when it comes to taxes and immigration/open borders.
Cracks are emerging in congressional Democrats' solidarity, as frustrated lawmakers concede their majority status is not enough to overcome Republican resistance on taxes, spending, Iraq and a host of other issues.

The fissures, which became obvious this week, are undermining Democrats' hopes for several key achievements this year. They also point to a bruising 2008 election in which Democrats will say Republicans blocked prudent tax and spending plans to score political points on immigration and other hot-button issues.

Republicans say they simply want to prevent higher taxes of any kind, even if the targets are not-so-sympathetic groups such as oil companies and hedge fund managers.
"Those politicians, they're all alike".

Well, no.

Democrats in Congress think the only reason Republicans have for voting against higher taxes is political pandering.

They truly believe that Americans get up and go to work everyday, not for their families--but to supply tax dollars for Congressmen and Senators to donate to their favorite charities.

The preceding bit of news points out what is still a basic philosophical difference between Congressional Democrats and Republicans. As Ronald Reagan said:

"Republicans believe that every day is the Fourth of July; Democrats, that every day is April 15."

Source: AP - Democrats Cry Uncle on Taxes, Spending

by Mondoreb
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Reagan quote: Red Planet Cartoons

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