Monday, January 7, 2008

Barack Obama, The Man, The Spoofs!

Picture Parodies of the Candidate

Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama, the junior senator from Illinois decided to run for president.

People wanted to know, "Who was Barack Obama?"

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Obama said he was going to "vigorously run for president".

How was his fund-raising ability? Would he have enough money?

Reporters began to dig into Obama's background.

Other candidates began to dig into Obama's past.

What would they find?

Joe Biden thought Obama was "clean".

Still the research into Barack Obama's background continued.

Obama started picking up important Hollywood endorsements.

He picked up so many celebrity endorsements, some wondered:

"Will Barack Obama go into movies if his presidential bid is unsuccessful?"

If Obama went into movies, he might have his pick of starring roles!

He might even go into advertising.

Back on the campaign trail, Iowa beckoned.

Obama, like all politicians, tried appealing to many different groups.

It must have worked.

Barack Obama won the Iowa Democrat caucuses!

Some said that Obama "took Hillary Clinton to school".

With the win, Barack Obama's foreign policy positions received new scrutiny.

The New York Times questioned his position on Pakistan.

Some people thought that Obama was a natural for the White House.

Source [phatcow]

How would his campaign position Obama for the general election, if he won?

And if he won the primary, who would his Republican opponent be?

With the New Hampshire primary coming up Tuesday, Barack Obama's campaign will face new questions, new challenges.

And probably, new spoofs.

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