Sunday, January 6, 2008

Artist Depicts Jesus in Sexual Manner: DBKP Fights Back

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Jesus would laugh. God gave us a sense of humor.

We ran across an article where once again, someone thinks desecrating the image of Jesus as art is somehow, new, and worth an exhibit.

From Newindpress:

LONDON: An art gallery in northwest England has found itself at the centre of a controversy after displaying a statue depicting Jesus Christ in a sexually explicit manner.

The sculpture by gay Chinese-born artist Terence Koh, being exhibited by the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, is inviting complaints from Christian religious leaders and visitors alike. The exhibition, entitled ‘Gone, Yet Still’, features 74 different plaster models of people or objects which Koh, 30, claims to have been important in his life. Other than the statue of Christ, there are models of Mickey Mouse and ET. They have also been shown in a sexually explicit way.
So instead of outrage over Mr. Koh's tasteless attempt at "art" we've decided to put up our own "showing."

We hope you enjoy. The wine and appetizers are over on the buffet.

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