Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa's Forgotten Man: Rudy Giuliani Parodies

The Iowa caucuses were held yesterday and Rudy Giuliani didn't campaign in Iowa, choosing instead to concentrate on other electoral venues.

Would not campaigning in Iowa hurt Rudy?

Not in the political parody department.

Rudy Giuliani was quiet, but not forgotten when it came to the efforts of Internet parody-mongers.

We present a few of their efforts covering Rudy Giuliani, "America's Mayor".

Giuliani was admired for his actions on September 11.

Voters wanted to know: who was the real Rudy?

Rudy had his detractors, especially on the Left.

They thought he was too hard-core.

But they also thought he was too soft.

But he also had his supporters, too.

Rudy was looking fit for his DBKP Political Cage Match against Duncan Hunter.

What would Rudy Giuliani do if his presidential bid didn't work out?

Giuliani pledged to keep America safe from threats.

From ALL threats

Would the presidential match-up feature Rudy Vs. Hillary?

Some certainly thought so.

What would be the Giuliani strategy against Clinton?

Regardless, Rudy will try to appeal to all voters.

The political season is a long one. Especially the 2008 presidential campaign: never has a campaign been such a marathon undertaking.

With that in mind, we're betting these aren't the last parodies of Rudy Giuliani.

by Mondoreb
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