Friday, January 4, 2008

Hackers Faces Prison over Fake TV Nuke Blast on Weather Report

Six months ago, Czech viewers hoping to catch the weather report, caught something else.

A nuclear blast disturbed their TV image of the placid Czech countryside.

The weather report that day appeared to be "sunny, pleasant".

For the group of hackers who spoofed the TV station, a less pleasant report was issued yesterday.

The dastardly members of a Czech art group who hacked into television broadcasting with images of a hoax nuclear explosion were charged.

They will have to stand trial--and could face jail time, said a state prosecutor Thursday.
The six members of the Prague-based Ztohoven group were charged last month with spreading false information and face up to three years in jail if convicted, said Dusan Ondracek, the state prosecutor in the northern town of Trutnov, who is in charge of the case.

The trial could begin by the end of January, Ondracek said.

On June 17, viewers of a Czech television channel watching a Web cam program monitoring weather in various Czech mountain resorts could see a nuclear explosion taking place in the Krkonose or Giant Mountains in the northern Czech Republic.

The group could take consolation, however. In December, the project was awarded the NG 333 prize for young artists by Prague's National Gallery together with a cash prize of 333,000 koruna (US$18,350).

At least they can afford an attorney.

by Mondoreb
[hat tip: radekr]
[image: CNN]
Source: Hoax Nuke Blast seen on TV Weather


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