Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Psychotic Reactions

Pixelaneous #24

Everyone has different reactions to different events. Pictured above, one obviously hen-pecked husband's reaction to his marital situation. Click on pictures to enlarge.

One umpire's reaction to stress.

The human skin's reaction to too much sun.

The reaction to the new step-mom.

Too much fun.

Traditional reaction to the roller-coaster.

Reaction to bath time.

One reaction to a messy desk?

Everyone reacts differently to the excitement of a football game. Check out the guy in the cast's reaction to this exciting moment.

Reaction to a friendly shout-out.

Reaction to a chew.

Reaction to fuzz.

More reaction to fuzz.

Reaction to infidelity.

Reaction to an unexpected bump on water.

Reaction to an unexpected bump on land.

Reaction to someone getting in my desk.

by Mondoreb
[hat tip & compilation: vickie, the goth chick]
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