Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Walls Won't Stop Them: Wife Breaks into Prison for Some Sizzling Cell Love

A DBKP Modern Tale


Tender Stupid Prison Love

A True Story

They were just two crazy kids from Kent, England.

And they were in love.

People in the town talked.

They said, "It'll never work".

They said, "It's not right".

But they didn't care. They were young and wild and free.

And in love.

So they did what two kids in love will do: they got married.

They didn't care what people said. They were gonna make it work if it killed them.

She was a smart, sassy risk-taker.

He had something of the gambler in him.

But he gambled and lost.

He ended up in prison.

There was no way walls or bars--or anything--was going to stop those two.

They were young and they were in love.

One night, the wild, animal lust they had became too much for her.

So she sneaked into Standford Hill open prison, Kent, England, in the early hours of the morning.

He was looking for a way out. She was looking for a way in.

He saw her and his heart nearly beat right out of his chest.

My God! It really was her!

He ran, she ran, and they both collapsed into each other's arms: kissing, laughing, hugging each other until they thought they become one under the warm prison yard night.

They forgot where they were.

Tearing himself away from her embrace, he quietly guided her back to his cell.

And, for just a few hours anyway, it was like the old times.

- - / - -

It was over too soon for the both of them.

But she knew she should be going.

Morning comes cold, quick and early when you're inside an English detention facility.

He didn't want her to go, but he knew she must.

So, one last, long, lingering kiss passed between them--and then, he was alone.

And as she slipped through the mostly-slumbering penitentiary, her mind was filled with questions.

"What was to become of them?"

She went deeper into thought the further she got from his cell.

That might have been why she didn't see the prison guard as she tried to leave.

The guard was no dummy; he knew something wasn't quite right here and he was bound to get to the bottom of it.

"She stood out because she was the only woman in an all-male jail!"

And so she was brought back, crashing to earth.

Down, down--like a tumble off the high prison towers she now gazed at in disbelief.

How could it have ended this way?

To be so high one moment; and so very low the next. It just didn't seem fair.

An inquiry into the security breach is under way.

The prison warden was not available for comment. A subordinate said he'd been working late on the design of new uniforms for the prison guards.

"She got in by climbing over a fence and her husband was waiting for her," a prison source said.

"He took her into to his cell for a romp and she left a short while later. A few people knew about it."

"A member of the public was found in the grounds of Standford Hill open prison. The intruder was challenged by a staff member," a UK Prison Service spokesman said.

"A prisoner has been returned to a closed establishment. Police are investigating."

Kent Police said a woman was arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass and later released with no further action.

First he was in and she was out. Then, they were both in. And now:

She was out.

He was in.

- - / - -

Yes, they were just two crazy kids from Kent, England.

And they were in love.

They fought their fight against the forces of everything that is unknown in a person's daily life.

Call it fortune, call it kismet--call it whatever you want.

They were just two crazy kids from Kent, England, and they didn't believe in any of that stuff about fate.

They didn't believe in anything.

But Love.

Only now they were separated by walls of stone and bars of steel.

According to the Telegraph, "her husband has now been sent to a higher security prison."

And that may be the cruelest twist of Fate's cold knife of all.

by Mondoreb
Source: Wife's Prison Break-In


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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