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O.J.'s Girlfriend in ICU: Couple's Sordid History

Cops Called Five Times in Seven Years

Christie Prody
In 2000, police were called to Simpson's home after girlfriend Christie Prody allegedly had a problem with drugs, and Simpson placed a 911 call claiming Prody was on a cocaine binge and needed rehab. Simpson later retracted the story and no formal charges were made against Prody. Source - CBS4

OJ Simpson's current girlfriend, Christie Prody, remains hospitalized with head trauma at a Miami-Dade hospital while police continue to conduct an investigation. According a police report, Simpson maintains Prody ended up with bruises and abrasions and head trauma from a "drunken" fall at a Miami gas station Monday night.

Christie Prody

In 2000, the now infamous Simpson moved from Los Angeles California to Pinecrest, Florida, a bedroom community of Miami, four and half years after his acquittal in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman.

OJ and his then wife, Nicole Brown Simpson

According to sources, the 52-year-old Simpson had already met the then 24-year-old Christie Prody, a waitress in Los Angeles. Some said, a Nicole "look-alike."

On October 2000, Simpson was supposedly kicked and slapped by then 25-year-old girlfriend at the Wyndham hotel in Miami, but no charges were filed. Source - CBS4
After living together seven years and five calls to the police for domestic "altercations" it was reported that the 32-year-old Prody fell and hit her head while at a Miami gas station Monday night.

Simpson insists Prody fell because she was drunk and that during a recent trip to San Antonio, Prody was falling down drunk the whole time.

DBKP wrote yesterday that Simpson denies any involvement in Prody's "accident." So far no one has placed Simpson at the scene.
O.J. Simpson's long-time girlfriend has severe injuries that are consistent with an assault, rather than simply a fall, The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

Christie Prody, 32, remains hospitalized at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Miami and may be facing brain surgery. The NATIONAL ENQUIRER broke the story yesterday of Prody's injuries and revealed that O.J. was questioned by police detectives at his home in Florida. The police are still investigating. Source - DBKP

Source - MSNBC

A Brief History of OJ's Women

Nicole Brown Simpson was not Simpson's first wife. Simpson married Marguerite Whitley in 1967 and they were divorced in 1979. Simpson had already begun an affair with the then 17-year-old Nicole Brown.

Simpson married Nicole in 1985. During this time Simpson had a year long affair with small time actress Tawny Kitaen. By 1989 Simpson was convicted of spousal abuse for beating Nicole, he was sentenced to probation, community service and a $1000.00 fine.

Nicole divorced Simpson in 1992, by 1994 she was found dead on the front step of her condo, her friend, Ron Goldman, a few feet away, both of them with numerous knife wounds, their throats slit.

Tawny Kitaen

During an interview on Youtube, lead guitarist Robbin Crosby said he was involved for several years with actress Tawny Kitaen and that things went downhill when Tawny began to have an affair with OJ Simpson while he was still married to Nicole.

On the video Tawny's roommate claims she heard Simpson on several occasions enraged over Tawny's other boyfriend, Crosby. Crosby said he was with Kitaen for seven years until one night Simpson showed up at a hotel looking for the couple.

Source - Tawny Kitaen

In 2002, Kitaen was charged with spousal abuse of her then-husband, big league baseball pitcher Chuck Finley.

Kitaen's life had spiraled out of control.
She was arrested Monday night after arguing with Finley as they drove home from dinner, said Tori Richards, a spokeswoman for the Orange County district attorney's office. Richards said Finley was driving when Kitaen began kicking him with her high-heeled shoes.

"She kicked him in the thigh, in the leg, in the arm, she grabbed his ear and twisted it," Richards said. "At one point, her high-heel shoe was on top of his foot pressing the accelerator to the ground."

A third party called 911 after the couple arrived at their Newport Beach home, Richards said. Kitaen was arrested after police saw abrasions and scrapes on her husband's body.

A judge issued a restraining order against Kitaen, ordering her to have no contact with her husband. Richards said Kitaen will live in the Newport Beach home, while Finley will stay elsewhere. Source - ESPN

Kitean lucked out, instead of jail time she was sentenced to classes to curb her anger issues:

Charges were dismissed in exchange for Kitaen's promise to undergo anger management and conflict resolution counseling. Finley filed for divorce three days after the alleged beating. In 2004 she appeared on the washed-up celebrity show Surreal Life, yelling at Florence Henderson and, in the final episode, jumping in the pool naked. In 2006, police said they found 15 grams of cocaine in her apartment after she gave them permission to search the premises. All charges were dropped, when she agreed to undergo a rehabilitation program. Source - nndb
Paula Barbieri

During Simpson's 18 month trial of the double murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman a new woman emerged in Simpson's life, model and aspiring actress, Paula Barbieri. Barbieri, a stunning brunette, stood by her man. At least during the trial.

Barbieri was 25 when she began dating the then 44-year-old Simpson. She claims she had broken up with Simpson during the same evening that Nicole and Ron were murdered.
Paula Barbieri testified by video in the civil trial that judging from the messages Simpson left on her answering machine (which by the way Simpson stated in his deposition that she didn't have an answering machine, and he never left her a message) that from the content of those messages he had indeed gotten her message. Simpson had contended through the civil trial that he had not gotten Paula's 7:06 a.m. message that she was breaking up with him. Phone records, however, show that he did call his message service for a period of about 10 minutes. The phone records also show that he attempted to call Paula at least 8 times from his cell phone and another 8-10 times from his home phone. Further proof to Simpson's receiving the message is a call he placed to an old time friend (he had once dated) and left a message for her to call him because "for the first time in my life, I'm free." Now, judging from that message, wouldn't you assume that he had indeed gotten the message from Paula? Source - Justice Junction
Barbieri and Simpson reconciled during the 18 month long trial then broke up again a few weeks after his acquittal.

Model Paula Barbieri recently revealed that her romance with O.J. Simpson ended soon after his acquittal, when he seemed more interested in how much money he could get for photographs of them together.

"It was all of a sudden, Well, they'll pay lots of money for pictures of you and I together.'" Barbieri told Diane Sawyer on ABC-TV's "Prime Time Live." "And then the next thing I know he's coming, and he's got the photographer with him. Source - Find Articles

Barbieri was the perfect foil for Simpson. She'd show up at the County Jail for visits wearing a large cross. She posed for Playboy in 1994 and tried her hand at acting. In 1997 Salon awarded Barbieri's "The Other Woman, My Life with O.J. Simpson" the "Worst Book of the Year".

Peter Kurth

WORST: For Worst Book of the Year, I considered nominating every volume published on the O. J. Simpson case since the end of the trial, but finally settled on Paula Barbieri's "The Other Woman: My Life With O. J. Simpson" (Little, Brown). Words are not sufficient (or necessary) to describe the awfulness of this book -- the florid prose, the heaving breasts, the plucky resolve and unshakable Christian faith of its hare-brained author, a "personal devotion to Jesus Christ" that prevents Barbieri, in the end, from answering the only question anyone cares about. You know what I mean, and so does she. America wants inches, Paula, inches and circumference. Failing that, it's back to Victoria's Secret with you. I regret to report that it was my own -- ex -- agent who brokered a $3.5 million advance for this cynical junk, and my own publishers, Little, Brown, who were stupid enough to pay it. Source - Salon

The website MyloveHewitt posted the article, The Outcast, Conversations with O. J. Simpson from the New Yorker Magazine. In the article writer Pat Jordan talks about his conversations with Simpson in Florida, some of which were about Prody. In October of 99' Simpson purportedly flew to Miami after the 26-year-old Prody called in a panic. Simpson called 911 and reported a friend was "loaded out of her mind" on drugs and driving around.

Miami's Wyndam Hotel was the scene of another Simpson-Prody "disturbance." The management asked Prody leave after she allegedly assaulted Simpson. During the seven years of living together the cops have been called five times to the Simpson-Prody residence but charges were never filed. The cops have been, in essence, used as a referee.

Jordan wrote the previous fall Prody had sold a story to the Enquirer for $50,000 smackeroos where she spilled the beans on the then 5 year relationship with Simpson.

Tales of coke binges, Simpson's obsession with Nicole's murder, two abortions, public altercations, and yet according to news sources, up until her "nasty fall" Monday night, Prody still lives with Simpson as he labels her a "falling down drunk" in the press.

Time will tell if Prody recovers from her "head injury." It was reported in yesterday's Enquirer she may need surgery. We highly doubt she'll recover "her senses" and move out of Simpson's home and "influence."

If she does we wouldn't be surprised to find a new lady emerges in Simpson's life, that's if she isn't already "waiting in the wings."


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