Thursday, August 30, 2007

Psalm 108 and War On Terror: CONNECTED?

by Mondoreb

You've seen it: NBC or CNN trots out some guy that vaguely reminds you of the Unibomber's righthand man. His unique facial structure make you think of him as "GopherBoy". He then procedes to demonstrate how the KKK/Israelis were behind 9-11, using chicken wire, a box of matches and some left-overs he had in his refrigerator. Teachers at high schools all over America collectively exhale in relief: he's not one of their former students.

Fast-forward a few weeks later: the same guy is on Larry King Live, trying to sell his DVD on his whacko theories.

LK: Hello, Des Moine, you're on.
CALLER: Hello Larry! First-time caller and a Big Fan!
LK: Thanks! Do you have a question?
CALLER: Your guest was talking about how the KKK uses tables full of explosives, like when they blow up buildings? And there were tables in the Twin Towers; they found pieces of tables! I guess my question is: do you think, like, they might have used, like Bibles in the plot? You know, like under one of the tables legs to steady it up?
GOPHERBOY:(snorting) BIBLES?!?! I don't believe in the Bible! It's people who believe in the Bible who got us into this mess!

Whether or not one believes in the Bible as the Word of God, scanning it for clues to the future is at least as effective as trying to unscramble the convoluted scribblings of Nostradamus.

From this morning's American Chronicle, author Helena Lehman explores a "hidden prophecy in Psalm 108" and the War on Terror.
God (Elohim) has spoken in His holiness: ‘I will rejoice; I will divide (or separate) Shechem (a city of refuge in Ephraimite territory which now refers to the Palestinian allotment of land in the West Bank) and measure out (i.e. set apart) the Valley of Succoth (part of Gad’s ancient territory - refers to the Palestinian
occupied Gaza Strip).” -Psalm 108:1-7 (NKJ)

Now, I understand that the above is from Psalm 23, but you have to admit, it's a nice pic with a Psalm verse on it.

For Complete Story: The Amazing Hidden Prophecy In Psalm 108, and the War on Terror - Are They Connected? - Bigger, Better!.
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