Thursday, August 30, 2007


by Little Baby Ginn

Four Years In The Pen For Flushing A Book?

Scooby Dooby Do, where are you, ACLU?

In case you missed it a former student at Pace University was arrested and charged with a Hate Crime for allegedly dunking a Koran in the toilet at the school, not once, but twice.

For this crime, Stanlislav Schmulevich could get up to 4 years in the pen. Four years for throwing a book in a toilet. Would we see the detectives of NYC’s finest throwing their investigative powers behind a Bible dunker?

This smacks of China, Cuba, or Iran, the government charging and convicting someone with a "Hate Crime" and then locking him or her up in prison all over a book.
But not just any book, this was a Koran. Like I said before, if it were a Bible or the Torah, forgetaboutit, the cops would laugh the complainers out of the station.

Does the crime justify the time? Hell no. Has the ACLU come to his defense for exercising his Free Speech? Hell no. Are we headed down the slippery slope of Thought Police? Hell yes.
In the old days we might be talking a fine but these are the New Days where offending Muslims by throwing a Koran in a toilet will get you a four stretch in the Big House.

This bastard would have been better off sticking a statute of Jesus on a bucket of piss. I mean it worked for the guy who actually did do this and then called it "art."

If not the ACLU, then who defends the 1st Amendment? We need a champion: someone who will speak up for free speech.

All I hear is the silence of the Libs.

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Student Flushed over Koran Toilet Dunk - Bigger, Better!.
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