Wednesday, August 29, 2007

War on Terror Vs. Pot Growers

By Mondoreb

If you hang out in a fever swamp, chances are you will catch a fever. But it doesn't mean that you can't have periods of lucidity. Whether one disagrees with DrugReporter's politics, they are correct in this story.

Last time we checked in on the bizarro nexus between cannabis and terrorism, it was none other than actor/director Tommy Chong who was feeling the Bush administration's post-9/11 wrath. In fact, the stoner icon, whose fabled act was concurrently resuscitated for Fox's drugged and confused comedy hit That 70s Show, was being slapped by John Ashcroft with a nine-month prison bid, a $20,000 fine and over $100,000 in seized assets for selling bongs. The terrorism connection? He was sentenced on Sept. 11, 2003. And if you think that's a specious connection, it's only gotten worse since. In fact, over the last few years, "terrorist" has become an epithet for all seasons.

When federal officials call on American citizens to help them in the War on Terror, we don't mind pitching in: forgoing convenience in unending airport lines, increased surveillance, and unexpected searches are just a few of the ways.

BUT, those same officials have a responsibility to see that these powers granted to them are not misappropriated in the inane War on Drugs. Citizens will abide measures used to prevent potential terror attacks. When these same measures are used to nab Stoner Johnny, the kid down the street selling a dime bag, we shouldn't be as forgiving.

Ambitious police and zealous prosecutors are, thankfully, in the minority in most areas. But they are still a real threat to ordinary Americans going about their business.

Every time a War on Terror law is twisted to benefit drug warriors in their battle against otherwise law-abiding Americans, there's less leeway for gaining what's needed the next time REAL TERROR problems need fixing.

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