Sunday, September 16, 2007

BLOG OF THE WEEK: Noblesse Oblige

by Little Baby Ginn

NOTE: Every week Death by 1000 Papercuts will be reviewing a site that is the sort that us "Rightwing Madmen" would enjoy checking out.
This week we look at Thanos's.

Noblesse Oblige
Shadows stand tall at the dusk and the dawn of the day

This week I spotlight Noblesse Oblige, a tightly packed, well organized blog which does a terrific job of posting stories which pertain to the War On Terror, world and US politics, in short, everything that can and may effect our lives.

These are the stories that the MSM has deemed irrelevant or "unnecessary." I suppose the MSM feels we should be force fed the tripe that passes for "news" when the real news is at places such as Noblesse Oblige. This is a good thing for those of us who want to know about the events across the world that may potentially affect our lives.

The "real" news is the news such as Turkey’s plight in dealing with Al-Qaeda, an Afghan Commando raid that netted a Taliban drug runner and IED maker. The "non" story in the MSM of the two USF Muslims students arrested in South Carolina on explosive charges (evidently no one is willing to call them terrorists) and the "Unindicted" co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation Terror Funding trial, CAIR, stepping in plus a very informative piece on the current scandal affecting Hillary Clinton, Hsugate and the new "Hsu" School. This is just a partial list of the topics and stories covered by Noblesse.

Blogs are interesting creatures. They reflect the mindset of its creator. Noblesse is informative especially in the area of the War On Terror. For many people such as me this is our main concern because if we don’t fight it now: all those other concerns… will no longer apply.
Read Noblesse Oblige here. - Bigger, Better!.
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  1. Yay!

    Noblesse Oblige is a MUST READ for everyone! It is a blog that never compromises from its dedication and mission. I have learned so much from Noblesse Oblige in the past nine months, it's just incredible.

    Run, don't walk, to read this blog!

  2. Nobless Oblige is the first blog Death by 1000 Papercuts linked to, after Little Green Footballs.

  3. Thanks much, encouragement in the blogworld is a good thing, I appreciate the write up friend.


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