Saturday, September 15, 2007

IRAN CRACKS DOWN on Everyday People

The Burqua-less, TV Watchers, Coffee Shops Had Best Beware!

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by Little Baby Ginn
According to a recent AP Story, Iran is stifling sources of immorality among their people. The groups that were targeted by police is an interesting menu of what passes for "immoral" in the Islamic Republic these days.
TEHRAN (AFP) - Iran is pressing on with one of its toughest moral crackdowns in years, warning tens of thousands of women over slack dress, targeting "immoral" cafes and seizing illegal satellite receivers, local media reported on Monday.

No word out of Iran on what other groups have been targeted. A travel advisory is expected soon warning burqua-less women travelers to avoid Iran. - Bigger, Better!.
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


  1. *stumbles in*



    Oh... Pardon me, ladies.

    *dashes out, covering eyes*

  2. Iran is now an aimless society. A difference between Persia and other African, sub-continent and Arabic Muslims is education. Persia boasts the highest female literacy rate in the Muslim world. And many college grads and PHDs. So like the women of Kuwait and the Gulf, this may not last forever.

  3. Ah-ha! The dressing room!


  4. Great story, Ginn! Keep on letting us know- I do need to stay up on my "Immoral in Iran" list. You never know when or where a calling for good sharmutas will come from.


  5. LOL @ Render!


  6. Real nice cartoons, Ginn!
    Good images to another sad Iranian story.

  7. Ginn, just wanted to say this comic strip was funny. I hope more is coming!


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