Sunday, October 28, 2007

Atlas Shrugged Off The Slings and Arrows

More on the Vlaams Belang dust-up in the Netherlands (and the USA).
Atlas Shrugged weighs in with some sober, salient points on the affair.
Philosopher Roger Scruton, who also spoke at a VB event:

As the British conservative philosopher and author Roger Scruton said in a speech in Antwerp last year, the charge of racism and xenophobia in the EU countries “has become the equivalent of a charge of heresy in medieval Europe, of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts, or of ‘deviationism” in the Stalinist state.” However, as Mr. Scruton pointed out, “we have a duty to brave the charge of ‘racism and xenophobia’, and to discuss every aspect of immigration.”
AS goes on to add, concerning A. Bostom:
Moreover if I might add that Andrew Bostom was SPECIFICALLY requested by the organizers to speak about Antisemitism, AND I included at the end at the of his remarks a specific mention of NAZI Antisemitism in the guise of the annihilationist Johannes von Leers.
Atlas was good enough to include Little Green Footballs' objections to VB:
(1) that the party abstained in the European Parliament from approving the above mentioned Holocaust resolution;
(2) that early this month the party organized a “white supremacist” demonstration;
(3) that Nazi skinheads applaud the party;
(4) that neo-Nazis link to VB videos.
DBKP's take at this point: There are always going to be fringe elements in any group. It's important, after all the accommodations Europeans have made with Islam and immigrants' refusals to assimilate into European societies, to make a stand for Dutch and European culture somewhere along the line.

Because of some objectionable people, the Dutch people should be applauded for raising the question, even at this late hour. With Dutch emigration rising, it's important for assimilation to be stressed now. Whether there are those who take advantage of this concern for their own ends is largely immaterial to the larger debate.

Charles Johnson's been labeled a "Nazi", and worse, the Left countless times. It hasn't dampened his enthusiasm for spreading the truth of the jihadis or their apologists at LGF. No one should shut up because they're called "Nazi".

Either in The Netherlands or the United States.

by Mondoreb
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