Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fake Hate Poster Inspires
Fake Story,Then Fake Outrage

by Mondoreb

It all started when a American Muslim with a sense of humor put up fake "hate" posters at George Washington University as a form of satire.
Jihad Watch explains:
In "Islamo-Fascism on US Campus," IslamOnline (thanks to PRCS) reports about Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, and tells the Islamic world about the hateful posters that were put up at George Washington University.

It implies that these were authentic Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week posters, and of course doesn't mention the fact that a Muslim put them up as "satire."

Why let the truth get in the way of a good "Islamophobia" story? It never has before!
The fake posters sparked fake story by a Muslim, without a sense of humor, as explained
CAIRO — University campuses across the United States are becoming the stage for an anti-Islam campaign that includes hate posters and a series of activities to rally students against the alleged threat Islam poses to the US and the world.

The story was picked up on the blogosphere.
at LGF, among others.
The Wahhabi propaganda site IslamOnline has now picked up on the story of the fraudulent anti-posters at George Washington University—and conveniently leaves out the fact that the posters were fakes: Islamo-Fascism on US Campus.
I originally saw this story this morning, grabbed the poster picture and got distracted. I started on this post almost three hours ago and again, got distracted. In the meantime, this update appeared at LGF.
The Young America’s Foundation has posted some information on the phony “anti-Muslim” posters distributed at George Washington University, and you’re not going to believe the university administration’s response to this outrage: Radicals at The George Washington University Fake Young America’s Foundation Event to Suggest Incident of Hate.
So now we have the totally absurd story: a fake poster about fake hate sparking fake outrage which causes GWU officials to address fake concerns. All of this would be hilarious, except that a real organization doing real work for real conservatives feels the pain.
As always, while Liberals talk about "Feeling your pain" they quickly make sure that it's conservatives that suffer.


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