Thursday, October 25, 2007

For Every Action:

Recent Reactions to Things We Wrote


by Mondoreb

Chugging along, just another pawn in the vast blogosphere nebula:

1-More on Glenn Beck's "Handful of Haters":
Jon Swift, a bearer of the subtle sword, observed (about JammieWearingFool's observation)
"It's Beck's opinion that some who hate America live in that area. Is this even debatable?" Of course not.
Shout-outs are always appreciated.

2-On Turkish General Warns U.S.: Danger! Democrat Foreign Policy At Work:
Snarky Bastards wasn't snarky when saying:
I’m not sufficiently up on my facts about the Armenian Genocide to say whether it actually deserves that label (though the bettin’ man in me says it is), but Mondoreb makes a fair point at deathby1000papercuts:
Snark then makes some humorous observations about the politics of the Google toolbar.

3-On Maureen Dowd and her fixation on the Vice-President--
More Evil Dick Cheney Evidence:
Shrink Wrapped commented in "The Beauty of Modern Liberalism" that
"Mondoreb has his own view of Dowd's piece at Death by 1000 Papercuts. I suppose we would call this European Sophistication:".

I've always been a fan of Shrink Wrapped--maybe from my days working in the shipping department.

4-On McCain: "I'd Shoot Osama! OK, Maybe I Wouldn't":
We were all fired up about the shout-out from Salon.

5-Lastly, we got bloggings at Boxxet on Harry Potter's Dumbledore Outing, Snookerbrief, in46, and zippsyzippicun on the Gary Zerola Teen Rape case. And one mustn't forget to mention Bird Flu Breaking News, on our 1918 Spanish Influeza story.

Being read is truly the mother's milk of blogging.

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