Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Move the United Nations HQ From NYC?

[graphic: RidesAPaleHorse]

The United Nations Caravan to Nowhere

by Mondoreb

Recent actions by the United State have led to criticism in the halls of the United Nations. What actions? Pick an action, any action and you'll have your answer.

It's not reached Israeli proportions yet, where the mere existence of your country is cause for condemnation. But it's been loud. Since this is a phenomenon that has been increasingly going on for the almost 30 years, it might not be noticed. We decided to take a look at it and possible reasons.

The Arab World condemnation.
The U.S. supports Israel's right to exist. Enough said.

The Democrat/DailyKOS/Iranian/Marxist condemnation.
Since American foreign policy differs from the aforementioned quartet, they're going to squawk: sometimes in unison. Sometimes you can't tell who's doing the squawking. Syria? TheDailyKOS?Better have a scorecard handy.

The EuroWeenies. Don't share the Europeans' opinion? Again, Americans are going to hear about it. Instead of howling, a condescending sneer is the preferred reply. Americans don't have socialized health care, execute criminals and own guns: what barbarians! A favorite slur is to label Americans "cowboys". When EuroMidgets utter this, they turn and smile, thinking they've scored a great point. This makes some Americans head to TVLand to watch Gunsmoke re-runs.

So, next time you hear the screams of indignation and indigestion coming from the U.N. just remember the point RAPH makes in his graphic at the top of this story. If you suggested moving UN Headquarters out of NYC, then you'd really hear some bitching.


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