Friday, November 9, 2007

Education and Globaloney:
School Teaches Humans Are the Villains

There once was a time when the favorite villain in any movie was the Nazi. In the 50s and even into the 60s, Nationist Socialists were everywhere on the screen.

Today's evil-doers?

Human beings.

Human beings are consuming resources, something they were doing long before today's teachers consumed enough resources to obtain a teaching license.

The Soviets had their political education commissars, responsible for the idealogical indoctrination of their pupils. The hapless teachers mentioned below would perhaps have qualified as commissars.

A sad tale of a poor clueless school district and their poor clueless charges.
Third-grade teacher Debbie Robles made her acting debut before a packed auditorium of youngsters at Rancho Elementary School in Novato. She bombed.

Playing the villain in a school assembly Wednesday aimed at educating the students about global warming, Robles - dressed in a witch's black attire and prancing around the auditorium as "Queen Carbon" - drew the biggest response from more than 500 students who attended two "Curb Your Carbon" assemblies.

"My own daughter Hannah asked me, 'Do you have to be my mother today?'" Robles said.

Teachers, parents and volunteers helped organize the assemblies and participated in the skits to help raise awareness about global warming and what people can do about it - exchanging traditional light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs, for example.

School officials distributed more than 500 CFLs last week.
Source: Marin Independent Journal
60+ years after World War II and the Nazis are still the villains.

Only this time, they're disguised as techers and having their students perform the global warming goosestep.

by Mondoreb
[hat tip & graphic: RidesAPaleHorse]


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