Friday, November 9, 2007

Little Baby Rosie:
"Bill Clinton Made Me Cry!"

"A Classic Democrat Love Story"
as told by
Rosie O'Donnell

It's a classic Democrat love story involving Bill Clinton and Rosie O'Donnell. It takes all the twists and turns of any good story. First, Bill has Rosie's love, then he loses it. Finally, all is well: Rosie breaks down and Bill is begging for forgiveness, not just from Rosie, but from himself.

The tales as told by the New York Post:
ROSIE O'Donnell says Bill Clinton had her bawling like a baby during an emotional chat in which the ex-president apologized for cheapening the Oval Office with his Monica Lewinsky sexcapades.

The sapphic supernova, doing stand-up at the New York Comedy Festival Tuesday night, told the audience how Clinton sent her a card after she slammed him during a performance at the Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel five years ago, The Post's Mandy Stadtmiller reports.

"He disgusts me," O'Donnell recalled saying at the casino show. "And I know I'm not supposed to say this because I'm a good Democrat, but I didn't want to [talk] to him because he lied to me when he said, 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman,' and then put the scarlet-letter [bleep]-job on her for the rest of her life . . . I still hate you!"

When the corpulent comic called the phone number Clinton included with his note, Bubba himself picked up, she said.

"My knees got weak. I was like, 'Can I [bleep] you?' No, I didn't say it, but I felt it - I was like, 'Whoa! Whoa!' And he said, 'I was at your show the other night, and I was sorry that you didn't come over and say hello to me. And I know that you're still harboring some hard feelings,' " O'Donnell related.

"And I said, 'You know, listen, here's the deal, dude. I've been disappointed by men my whole life. I loved JFK, my mother loved JFK, and you were the JFK to me. And you let me down, man. You killed me and that hurt me a lot, and when you hurt me, I don't know, I didn't expect that out of you and I thought you could do better for your wife, for the country and just in general."

Clinton then worked his charm on O'Donnell. "He goes, 'I'm sorry for all the men who ever hurt you, I'm sorry that I hurt you. Everything you've said to me, I've said to myself, and I hope one day you can forgive me, and I hope I can forgive me.' "

Clinton's mea culpa quickly had O'Donnell's faucets opening up. "I'm hysterical crying," she recalled.
So one supposes that it has ended well for the both of them: Rosie's no longer crying and, from most reports, Bill's forgiven himself.

A good example of why love stories--even the Democrat ones--always make people cry.


by Mondoreb


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