Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Effects of Magma on Ice: Science Trackers Remain Skeptical

DBKP to Fund Scientific Experiment!

The Knight Science Journalism Trackers said "What?"

Knight Science Journalism Tracker took issue with Little Baby Ginn's report on a report on the effects of superhot magma on Greenland's ice shelf.

Claiming to offer "Peer Review within Science Journalism" to the consumer of science news, the KSJT's Charles Petit presented the following.
Some bloggers of the rightish stripe have already embraced and distorted her report - ignoring that it presumes warming air remains the main culprit - to proclaim this as another reason global warming is hogwash. It’s natural stuff like magma, not those trace gases we add to the air, that’s raising the temperature. One example.

The KSJT then offered LBG's "distorted" report as evidence.
Scientists: Greenland's SuperThaw Caused by Superhot Magna Not Global Warming

We know when we're whipped. The KSJT has caught us red-handed.

We should have checked with the KSJT's scientists first to make sure that the magma's temperature, mostly in the 700-1300 degrees Celsius range (but as hot as 1600 degrees), was hot enough to melt ice.

The Challenge: Can Frozen H2O withstand 700-1600 degrees?

We were impressed by Petit's listed credentials: "He lives in Berkeley, California, and has a bachelors degree in astronomy from the University of California at Berkeley."

And, he's the Head Tracker at KSJT.

We'll be the first to admit, we have no first-hand evidence to back up LBG's hypothesis about the effects of magma on ice.

We looked around the office in an all-out effort to locate some magma.

No dice.

So we decided not to fool around any longer.

To make amends, we've raided the office Christmas Party fund and Ginn's booked the next flight to Italy. There, at Mt. Vesuvius, she intends to test her theory about magma and ice.

Vesuvius: Nature at her most powerful--it could be dangerous

In the interest of science, I've agreed to accompany her to record the experiment and to bring along a cooler of ice. We plan on writing up the experiment and presenting the results to The Royal Society, which "is the independent scientific academy of the UK and the Commonwealth dedicated to promoting excellence in science."

Drilling into the Earth's crust may be required

DBKP realizes that we may have to do some drilling. But no expense will be spared in our quest to add to the body of knowledge. The subject's importance is too great to be a political football.

In the meantime, we offer Charles Petit and the other trackers at KSJT our apologies and an appropriate gift.

The Question: How best to say just how sorry we are

We do hope they'll accept.

UPDATE: Man-Made Climate Change: Debate Ends with a Beer
KSJT at MIT wins one of DBKP's most prestigious awards.

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