Saturday, December 15, 2007

In New England, 10 More Inches of Evidence Pile Up For Man-made Climate Change

Man-made Climate Change spokeman offers
one possible cause for record-setting snow

The UN conference on climate change drags on in Bali.
The United States made a dramatic reversal Saturday, first rejecting and then accepting a compromise to set the stage for intense negotiations in the next two years aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.

Evidence piles up

Meanwhile, most of the northeastern United States shoveled 10 more inches of evidence for man-made climate change.
New England dug out on Friday from a record-setting storm that dumped 10 inches of snow on Boston, more than the city typically sees in the entire month of December.

Thursday's storm hit hours before the afternoon commute, snarling roadways and leaving some travelers -- many of whom left their offices early only to face the storm's full force on the road -- stranded for hours during their trips home. Others had to abandon their cars or sleep in them after running out of fuel, local media reported.

Climate change advocates search for answers

More than 400 flights were canceled at Boston Logan International Airport.

The National Weather Service said the region could expect another blast over the weekend, when a second storm is expected to drop 6 inches of snow and sleet starting on Saturday evening.

Scientist United for Climate Change (SUCC) vow to continue important research

Thursday's snowfall set a new one-day record for December 13, and was more than the 7.8 inches that typically falls during the entire month of December.

Meanwhile, Al Gore moved on from the Bali conference to Switzerland, where he collected another honor.

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Source: New England Digs Out After Record Snowfall
CNN - U.S. Agrees to Bali Compromise


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