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Anna Nicole & Marilyn Monroe: Blond Bombshell Legacies

Today is the one year anniversary of the burial of Anna Nicole Smith. That's right, in "Today in History" across the globe, platinum blond bombshell Anna Nicole Smith's burial anniversary got a mention.

We see Anna Nicole's turbulent life as following along the same lines as the woman she emulated, Marilyn Monroe. Anna Nicole, who in the process of being a Marilyn "wannabe" surpassed all expectations and became infamous in her own right.

Anne Nicole Smith as Marilyn Spread, photographed by Dirk Kikstra

Original Marilyn - 1951 Champion Calender Girl

Both Anna and Nicole were platinum blond sexpot bombshells who pandered to the cameras. While Marilyn, a movie star who kept her life relatively low-key, a couple of marriages to a famous baseball player, Joe Dimagio, and playwright, Norman Mailer, plus a penchant for driving people nuts by being habitually late, Marilyn's personal life was filled with demons, she overdosed on drugs at age 36 in 1962.

Rumors persisted in Marilyn's death, that she had committed suicide, (there was no note) or she was murdered by people who wanted an "alleged" affair with then President JFK hushed up.

Anna Nicole died on Feb. 7, 2007, her death ruled "accidental drug overdose." Anna Nicole's life was turbulent, a topless dancer who married a very rich old geezer, billionaire J. Howard Marshall, 63 years older than Smith.

Smith became a fixture at Playboy, 1993 Playmate of the year. She had a reality series, The Anna Nicole Show on "E" which premiered in 2002. Smith was overweight and "lethargic"at the time but still fascinated viewers. It wasn't so much what Smith did, the bit parts in movies, the modeling, spokesperson for Trimspa, after she shed the extra pounds, it was her private life that made her famous. Her drug use, the "friends" who surrounded her, the tragedies that included her new baby's question of paternity, her son and her own "mysterious deaths".

Marilyn - Semi-nude

Pictures of Monroe did appear in Playboy, photos taken at another time, another place. Hugh Hefner snagged and then published them in Playboy in 1953. Marilyn admitted they were, indeed, her.

Anna Nicole - Semi- Nude

Marilyn at the beach

Anna Nicole at the beach

Marilyn was a popular movie star in the 50's and early sixties. Marilyn had cachet despite all her own self-doubts and detachment whereas Anna Nicole's life was filled with shady characters, the latest her "companion" Howard K. Stern, whom she hired to defend her lawsuit against the Marshall family. An attorney, the only case Stern ever handled was Smith's against the Marshall estate.

In Smith's last years she lived with Stern, they even "exchanged" rings in a mock wedding ceremony in the Bahamas just ten days after her son, Danny, was found dead in her hospital room, September 10, 2006.. It was rumored that Anna Nicole awoke in her hospital bed to find her son lying next her, already dead from a drug overdose. Her daughter, Danielyn, was born two days earlier in the same hospital.

Smith died from an "accidental" drug overdose on Feb 8, 2007, a little over 4 months after her son's death. Like Monroe, rumors surfaced that Anna didn't die by her own hand, there was no note and large amounts of drugs were found in her system.

Smith and Danny are buried in the Bahamas. Who the father was of baby Danielynn wasn't known until after Smith's death, a photographer, Larry Burkhead, who had sued Smith for paternity rights.

Both Marilyn and Nicole fascinated the public, they captured the camera's eye and exuded sexuality yet both had private lives that were filled with self-doubt, drugs, and loathing... of themselves.

Anna Nicole wanted to be the next Marilyn. In some ways she succeeded, her legacy, like Marilyn's will always be shrouded in mystery, and every year, those "This Day in History" pieces you see in the newspapers and online, will mark yet another anniversary of Marilyn and Anna Nicole's deaths.

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Image - Marilyn - Beach
Image - Marilyn - Seminude
Image - Anna at beach
Image - Anna Nicole
Image - Anna Nicole - semi-nude

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