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Larry Sinclair: Latest on Obama Accuser

Everyone wanting to make this go away says there is no evidence. Obama supporters have continue to claim I was in a mental institution, even posted one post (but took it down just as quick) that I was in Federal Prison (until the realized the middle name and birth dates were wrong), among many, many other outright false statements about me.
Excerpt from Larry Sinclair's website

Evidence Means A Lot

The wheels have begun to come off of Larry Sinclair's claims that he shared nights of sordid sex and illicit drugs back in 1999 with the then State Representative Barack Obama. Sinclair has now offered "evidence" which he claims back up his allegations.

All references to Sinclair have disappeared from, the blog that offered the Duluth, Minnesota man the sum of $10,000 to take a polygraph and $100,000 if he passed, plus the results of the two subsequent polygraphs given to Sinclair via's polygraph expert.

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Sinclair had posted a video on Youtube back at the end of January.

DBKP first wrote about Sinclair's video and his story of allegedly "hooking up" with the then State Representative Barack Obama in November of 1999:
Sinclair claims that "after having a few drinks, "Obama and I left in my limo, we began to drink, Mr. Obama acquired powdered cocaine for my use, crack cocaine for his use. I performed sex on Senator Obama , who at the time was a state representative for the state of Illinois. Mr. Obama knows these allegations to be true. I'm challenging Mr. Obama to come forth, be honest, stop claiming that his drug use is limited to his teenage years."

Sinclair goes on to directly address Obama:

"In 1999 you weren't a teenager. In 1999 you were a state representative for the people of the state of Illinois. In 1999, I performed oral sex on you in the back of my limo as well as in my hotel room in Gurnee, Illinois, two days later. If you challenge this, the authenticity of this allegation, I challenge you to take a polygraph test as I will submit to as well."

Sinclair goes on to claim the allegations are true:

"These allegations are true and need to told to the public. Let the public decide whether Mr. Obama is being forthright and honest."
On the blog, Big Head DC, Sinclair has produced a receipt which purportedly shows he stayed at a Comfort Inn during the dates of the "alleged" encounter with Obama. The receipt wasn't produced until well after Sinclair's video debuted on Youtube. It looks legit but does nothing to substantiate that Senator Obama was anywhere in the vicinity.

On January 23rd, DBKP wrote about what the tabloid, The Globe, had dug up about the Sinclair-Obama alleged scandal:
The Globe put out a story, "Obama Sex Scandal" in its latest edition. We'd put up a link but we're too cheap to spend the money for an online subscription and so quotes will have to suffice.

According to the details printed in the Globe of Sinclair's past, these "facts" could call into question the veracity of his claims.

According to the Globe Sinclair is a 46-year-old ex-con whose "spent time in prison in Florida, Arizona and Colorado on credit card fraud and other charges."

The Globe claims Sinclair was a coke and pot drug trafficker and also a "coyote," a person who "moved" people from Mexico to the United States. For a price.

Not only does the Globe claim Sinclair is an ex-con, coyote, dope trafficker, but that Sinclair has now been diagnosed with a "brain tumor" and "given only a little more than a year to live."
Since this story Sinclair has done nothing to refute the claims of the Globe. He has maintained that his "health" has been a separate issue.

More details emerged from the Globe story about the alleged incident back in 1999 between Sinclair and Obama:
The Globe has also expanded Sinclair's "story" about the night he "met" Obama at a lounge in Chicago. According the Globe, just after meeting the Senator at the lounge Sinclair told Obama he could "use a line (of cocaine) to wake up." Sinclair says Obama "made a phone call and said he could get it for me."

Sinclair says he gave Obama $250 which Obama allegedly used to buy crack and powder cocaine. In his Youtube video, Sinclair claims he and Obama also spent a gay ole time at a motel in Gurnee, Illinois.
Sinclair's Federal Lawsuit against Obama

The Blog, BigHeadDC, has the details of Larry's lawsuit.
This action is brought pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1981, 18 U.S.C. 241 and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution’s right to Freedom of Speech. Defendants have and continue to conspire against the rights of citizens in that they are actively engaged in ongoing internet intimidation, claim to be conducting illegal investigations into plaintiff’s personal life, actively involved in preventing allegations of illegal drug use and sexual activity involving Defendant Obama from becoming public knowledge.
Rumors were rampant that Sinclair's lawsuit had been dismissed. DBKP did some searching was unable to verify it.

Sinclair submitted to two polygraphs over at On 2-24-08, reported that Sinclair's two tests showed "deceptions."
Dr. Ed Gelb, Former President of the American Polygraph Association was the Polygraph expert selected by He has done over 30,000 polygraph examinations over his long career. There were two polygraph tests administered by Dr. Gelb on Friday. the first polygraph asked Mr. Sinclair on his sex claims. The second polygraph test asked Mr. Sinclair on the drug use claims. There was deception indicated in both tests.
Controversy Surrounding, polygraphs and its experts reported that the two polygraphs administered to Sinclair by Dr. Larry Gelb showed "deceptions." then reported they would release both videos of Sinclair taking the test as well as the results. So far neither the tests nor the results have been published by and all references to Larry Sinclair scrubbed from their site.

The limo and bar charges are on Visa card issued by Associates National Bank of Wilmington, Delaware (which was bought out by CitiBank in 2000) monthly statement closing date of November 15, 1999. Card number 4621-2001-3393-5533. Which Citi Group has been contacted and is researching for those statements. Because I unlike most of you internet warriors insist on putting out only factual information.So any of you who think you now that I do not have any receipts, witnesses etc….. THINK AGAIN
Respectfully, Larry Sinclair
(Excerpt - Larry Sinclair's website)

Convolutions, Contortions, and Smokescreens

Sinclair alleges that reneged on its deal to pay Sinclair the upfront monies for taking the polygraph.

From Big Head DC:

Mr. Dan Parisi, President
295 Greenwich Street, Ste 184
New York, New York 10007-1049

RE: Returned Check

Dear Mr. Parisi,

Be advised that Lisa Brooks and Myself were notified by US Bank of Duluth this afternoon that Walden Federal (the bank in which Check Number 2046 is drawn on) has notified them a STOP PAYMENT was placed on your fee payment of $20,000.00 dated 2-21-08.

I have contacted the Financial Crimes Division of the Duluth Police Department this date concerning this matter. US Bank as informed Ms. Brooks and myself that the check has not yet been physically returned to them unpaid, but that if it is it will be returned to me by March 7, 2008.

Excerpt from purported email Sinclair sent to Dan Parisi of

DBKP found a line of comments posted by Sinclair during this period in the comment section of his Youtube Video. These comments were posted right after reported that Sinclair had taken the two polygraphs but just before the "deceptions" were announced. This was the period of time when the Globe piece alleging Sinclair had spent time in prison for credit card fraud, admitted to drug and human smuggling from Mexico and a "brain tumor" which meant Sinclair has less than a year to live.

In this line of comments taken from the Sinclair's video site, Sinclair seems to be hitting up the other posters for cash:

LarrySinclair 0926 (3 days ago)
I will not post anything concerning my health here or anywhere else. I will not because it is not the issue and I assure you that the Globe has been given an ear full for even eluding to my personal medical information. This story is to be on the merits and the facts about Obama's past. Not my health.

LarrySinclair 0926 (3 days ago)
Polygraph was in fact done today out of security concerns. See whitehouse dot com

LarrySinclair 0926 (3 days ago)
No, a second indepndent expert is doing what was explained to me as a blind analysis of the charts. The results will not even be provided to us until Monday at the earliest.

-WRONG!1 is an interview for informational& posting purposes,1 is this video & the third makes fun of media& B.O.Nice try,but you'll have to do WAY better.And at the time of your last post,I had more than 5 favorites.Again, TRY TO KEEP UP!

-I shouldn't take a Pres candidate's potential lying and drug using seriuosly?
And you have more ill will toward me than I do toward Obama.Or do you not remember your numerous namecalling and other remarks?

-Are you or my father running for Pres?
FUCK YOU PUK, you want part of me I am at the HILTON Checkers Hotel. Bring your bad ass on over and get carried away in a fucking body bag bitch.
Larry Sinclair0926
I am so sick of every boy trying to use me to further their cause. This is and always has been about nothing more than Obama lying about the extent of his use of cocane and more specifically CRACK cocaine, the use and the sale there of. PERIOD

I did take the polygarpg, it was the most uncofrotable 4= hours I have ever spent in my life. I stopped taking my medication for a week so no one could say I was under the influence of medication to beat it. I am trying to stay herr for three or four day more to get this out in the MSM here but it will depend on whether I can cash the whitehouse dot com check here to pay for my extended stay. I am telling anyone who believes in me, you help me stay here until monday to get continued......

this story out on the MSM i will return to you any assistance you provide two fold. I do not care about the money, I care about getting this story in the MSM media before it is to late. So i tell all my supporters I have $15000 to repay ytou for helping me stay here where I have a better chane to get this out in the MSM media. Anyone willing to help me email me to youtube email box now. I signed my first autograph tonight.

If I do not receive solid committments tonight I will be on my way back to Duluth tomorrow at 9:30 PST.

Are you actually asking Youtube posters for money?! That's messed up man.

Hey youngster, I am putting up double out of $20,000.00 to any supporter that wants this in the MSM now. Nothing personal, but you have a problem with that let me know and I will meet you tonight anywhere in california you ant nme to. I am fucking sick of of the shit you and others have sent my way and I am ready to fight you face to fucking face. If you do not have the balls, then be the bitch you are and get the fuck off my youtube page.

Just the facts, Ma am.

At this point the only evidence presented by Sinclair is a copy showing he stayed at a Choice Hotel in Gurnee, Illinois on the dates he claims he "met" Obama for sordid sex and drugs and a copy of the limo and bar charges.

There are no witnesses or evidence placing Senator Obama at the bar, in the limo, or at the hotel. has purged all evidence of their involvement with Sinclair from their website.

Sinclair claims he has both a Masters degree and a degree in law.

The address on the lawsuit filed by Sinclair is for an assisted living center in Duluth.

Sinclair has not supplied any background info on what any of his former occupations were, where he lived, or any criminal records.

At this juncture, the allegations made against Senator Obama are still allegations. There has been no proof supplied which ties Senator Obama to the scene. Sinclair is embroiled in accusations countered against, claiming they supplied a polygraph expert who lied about his credentials and that the owner of, reneged on paying Sinclair the monies owed to him for taking the test.

If Mr. Sinclair can supply copies of bar receipts and hotel stays from back in 1999 then he should also be able to provide information about his own past: prior convictions, brain tumors, any other allegations made against individuals.

If Sinclair had passed the polygraphs he still would face other hurdles which one should have to overcome when making the kinds of allegations Sinclair has made against Senator Obama. This is more than just he said-he said, this a man claiming a Senator running for President lied about his prior drug use and had gay sex with Mr. Sinclair. Therefore the onus is on Sinclair. Sinclair has to back his claims with cold, hard evidence.

Hitting up youtubers for cash with claims of "doubling" their "contributions" hurt Sinclair's already flimsy credibility. He claims he has both a masters and a law degree. Again, if he can find a 1999 bar receipt he can find paperwork which verifies the degrees. He can also fill in the large gaps about his own background, where he's lived and where he's held jobs and what his current situation is, especially if he does, indeed, have a brain tumor with less than a year to live.


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