Monday, June 23, 2008

Josef Fritzl: Austrian Man Who Kept Sex-Slave Daughter Captive for 24 Yrs: Daughter to Testify Via Videotape

Rosemarie and Josef Frizl, parents of Elisabeth

Josef Fritzl, the 73-yr-old Austrian father who kept his daughter as a sex-slave in a cellar prison for 24 yrs, sits in prison awaiting his daughter's video taped statement.

Doctors have advised that Elisabeth, Fritzl's daughter, who bore her father seven children after 24 years of alleged imprisonment and rape, is not ready to withstand any type of contact with her father.

According to The Mirror, Elisabeth must give a video taped statement in order for Fritzl to stand trial "as soon as possible". This type of testimony, via video, allows Elisabeth to not have to attend a trial and testify in front of her father. It was only after police assured Elisabeth that she'd "never have to face her father "again" that Elisabeth broke down and told authorities that she and three of her children had been imprisoned beneath the Fritzl family home for 24 years. Three other children were taken by Frizl upstairs and raised by him and his wife. Friztl had Elisabeth write notes claiming she was okay but that she could not care for the children who were toddlers at the time. One child died shortly after birth. Fritzl was the midwife for all 7 babies born by Elisabeth in her's cellar of horror.

Elisabeth and three of her children might never have been released if not for the illness of her 19-yr-old daughter Kerstin. For some reason Fritzl allowed Kerstin to be treated at a local hospital after she became critically ill back in Mid-April. Doctors induced a coma when Kerstin's organs began to fail. She remained in critical condition in her artificially induced sleep until June. Doctors now say Kerstin is not only awake but is up and "walking".

Doctor's had found a letter in one of Kerstin's pockets from Elisabeth imploring them to take care of her daughter. A plea was issued by the hospital for the "mother" of Kerstin to please come forward as Kerstin was critically ill. Fritzl then allowed Elisabeth to leave her 24-yr prison to travel to the hospital. It was then that the police intercepted the two. When the authorities guaranteed that
Kerstin would never have to "face" her father again she broke down and told her gruesome tale, how her father had drugged then handcuffed her then locked her into his makeshift prison cellar.

Fritzl now sits in prison awaiting charges. As soon as doctors determine Elisabeth is able to testify she will "face" her father via a TV screen as he listens to her statement.


Source - The Mirror - Elisabeth's Fritzl's Evidence delayed because doctors say she's not ready to face her captor

Image - Rosemarie and Josef Fritzl
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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