Saturday, June 14, 2008

Larry Sinclair: Letter Casts Doubt on Proof

Larry Sinclair, the man who accused Senator Obama of illicit sex and illegal drugs in November 1999, offered up as "proof" a letter from Choice Hotels International. 

DBKP has "uncovered" info that casts doubt on the validity of Sinclair's "proof".

Months ago Sinclair posted a link on his website to a letter that he claimed was "proof" that he met Senator Obama during a trip to Chicago back in 1999--a letter from Choice Hotel International. Please note: DBKP obtained our copy of the Choice Hotel Letter from another source, not from Sinclair's website. 

Note the line that was "blacked out".

Click on image to enlarge.

By using "zoom" DBKP was able to decipher exactly what Sinclair didn't want us to see:

"While I cannot authenticate any information you currently have in your possession"

It's no wonder Sinclair blacked this little line out of the document. Kerri Lanigan, the paralegal who sent Sinclair the Choice Hotel letter wrote that she was unable to "authenticate" Sinclair's "information". 

Sinclair claims that he "met" Obama during a trip to Chicago back in November of 1999. The documents show a hotel stay at the Choice Hotel in Gurnee, Illinois on the dates of November 3-8. It was during this period that Sinclair claims he met up with Obama, offering these documents as "proof". 

DBKP maintains that the only "proof" provided by Sinclair is that he stayed at a Choice Hotel in Gurnee, Illinois on those dates. Sinclair has failed to provide any proof that Obama was anywhere in the vicinity, other than because Sinclair "says-so". 

“I didn’t need to perform oral sex on Obama for drugs… I was making two hundred, three hundred thousand dollars a month moving drugs from Colorado to South Carolina when I met this man.” Larry Sinclair referring to Obama - 11-99 - Right Perspective Interview

DBKP has focused on the period surrounding Sinclair's alleged "encounter" with Obama. On the Right Perspective, Sinclair admits he was a drug runner making "two hundred, three hundred thousand dollars a month" when he "met" Obama. But was this the truth, a lie, or an embellishment by Sinclair? 

On his website he tells a different tale from the same period: how he had discharged his parole early, which he was serving in 1999.

Read more of Larry Sinclair: Altered Choice Hotels Letter Exposed at

Source - Larry Sinclair 0926

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