Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Illegal Immigration Video: Peter Brimelow Interview

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Video Interview: Peter Brimelow
Alien Nation author on illegal immigration

Blogs4Borders has a three-part interview with Peter Brimelow as its weekly video blogburst. Each part is 9-10 minutes, so you may want to bookmark it to continue at your leisure--if readers are short of time.

Peter Brimelow (born 1947) is a British American financial journalist, author, and founder of VDARE. Brimelow has been the editor of many publications, including Forbes, the Financial Post, and National Review. Outside financial circles, he is best known for his writings on immigration policy and hosting the anti-immigration website VDARE.com. Brimelow founded the Center for American Unity in 1999 and served as its first president, though he is no longer affiliated with the organization. He is a paleoconservative.
Peter Brimelow

From Blogs4Borders:

This week’s edition is a 3-part interview with Peter Brimelow. Jake had the chance to sit down with the Alien Nation author and editor of V-DARE in Chicago last week.

Peter was in town for a debate against open borders fan Jacob Hornberger at the Heartland Institute’s annual fundraising dinner. We’ll have video of that event up later this week.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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