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John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal: Surf's Up!

Our "professional blogger" opinion:

Scandals Are Tricky Things!

Come On, Guys! Are we gonna do this or not?
I'm ready. Come and get me, Enquirer!

8:08 AM EST:

National Enquirer "John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal" Story is Back Up

Story had been Missing From Enquirer's Site for Approximately 4 Hours

Absence Was Reported Numerous Places on Internet

Drudge, Meme orandum Still Up

Will Enquirer Make Up its Mind?

8:29 - Drudge Now Calls Story "Developing"

The John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal that was reported in the National Enquirer yesterday has been more of an overnight story than anything happening on the John Edwards' side.

The Enquirer story reported a "World Exclusive!"

It had photos of a very pregnant, Rielle Hunter, a former Edwards' campaign worker/staff/producer of docudramas, and reports of multiple sources stating that the father was Democrat candidate, John Edwards.

The story had been reported once before in October by the National Enquirer and pulled down after a denial by the Edwards campaign.

Various parts and additions of the story were reported over the next two months, particularly in the Huffington Post.

But the Enquirer laid low.

Then yesterday, on the same day that some polls showed that John Edwards had taken a lead in Iowa, the Enquirer fired both barrels of scandal at the former North Carolina Senator: photos of Rielle "in a family way" and sourced reports stating that the father was Edwards.

The Enquirer also had information about Hunter moving recently into a gated community in North Carolina and a key Edwards campaign staffer "watching out for her".

The staffer, Andrew Young (not the former U.N. ambassador), then claimed he was the father, even though he is married with children.

Some sources on the Internet said that Young was "taking one for the team."

A National Enquirer reporter showed up at Rielle Hunter's door and said that Rielle answered and claimed to the reporter that she "was not Rielle".

Of course, the Edwards' campaign will issue a denial, as they previously did in October.

There things stood at 1:15 am this morning.

And at 3:00 am, despite some reports that the Enquirer had pulled the story from its website, it was still there.

But by 6:00 am, it had disappeared from the NE website.

Was this scandal on or off?

However, at shortly after 8:00, we checked and the story had re-appeared.

Were people dreaming?

Several websites, which we can't find our notes, had screenshots of the Enquirer page, both before and after, the story disappeared.

And there things stand, at least until spokesmen for the Edwards' campaign can be assembled or the National Enquirer pulls the story again.

However, more and more sources are putting up the story, but now Drudge (at 8:29 am EST) has called the story "Developing".

You can say that again.

This is one tricky scandal.

I guess we'll have to do what people did before the advent of the Internet: just hang out and wait and see.

We have time.


Chuckie Adkins called us a Moron, but that was Okay. I know at least one ex-wife that would have agreed with him. We're still keeping the great Moron trophy we gave ourselves to commemorate the occcasion.

Then Outside the Beltway's James Joyner, in the most insightful reporting we may have ever seen, called DBKP's coverage "exhaustive". Joyner is exactly right: we're exhausted. Up all night, drinking coffee, chain-smoking stogies...Six or seven stories, the National Enquirer's original story was up, then down, now back up. We admit it: we're bushed!
We can point to OTB's John Edwards Love Child Scandal as proof

Did Someone Say "Exhaustive Coverage"?

DBKP's John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandals Stories


at 9:05 am EST

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by Mondoreb
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