Friday, December 28, 2007

Animal Library: DBKP Animal Stories, Wild and Otherwise

DBKP Wild Animal Library

Included are DBKP stories on wild animals and other members of the animal kingdom. Stories are complete listing to the present.
UPDATED: January 7, 2008

* Blaming the Victims

* Tigers, Liquor and Slingshots: SF Zoo to Discourage in the Future

* New Urban Neighbor: Giant Pythons

* San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack: Tiger Debate Touched Off

* Tiger Shot in Dallas, Another Found in Harlem

* Horror at the San Francisco Zoo

* Deadly Tiger Attack at San Francisco Zoo

* Killer Tiger - San Fran Zoo Wall 12.5 Feet, Tigers Can Leap 30 Feet

* Full Grown Bengal Tiger Found Shot to Death in Dallas

* Germany Not Laughing at Man Who Taught Dog Nazi Salute

* PETA: Silence of the Lambs

* Who Invited the Dog?

* Aussie Sheep Rustler Caught in Electric Fence

* Beast of Bolivia: Mystery Beast on the Loose

* Greek Parrot in Traffic Court

* Western Colorado Buck Tussle

* Wolves Kill Canadian Man

* Cat Optimistic After Grizzly Attack: Eight Lives Left

* Paris Hilton's 'Celebrity Endorsement' For Boozing Elephants Pays Off

* Militant Monkeys Run Amok: Pixelaneous #20

* Fergie and the Camel

* Danger! Falling Cow Zone

* Snakes on a Plane? Snakes in a Bathtub Earn Man World Record

* Bambi's Revenge: Deer 1, Man 0

* More Fun Than a Barrel: Truckload of Monkeys Rolls Over

* Lion Loose in West Virginia? Better Feel Sorry for the Lion

* Contented Cows: Pixelaneous #14

* Polar Bears Ecstatic Over Getting Company

* Animals Gone Wild: Pixelaneous Weekend #6

* Monsters of the Deep: Pixelaneous #5

* Lion Wipes Out 43 Midgets in Sold-Out Cambodian Match

* Sharks Out of Water: Pixelaneous #3

* Watch Out For Dept: Hamsters on Viagra

* Rat on the Right: El Senor Dictator

* Airline Sacrifices Goats: Problem Fixed

compiled by Mondoreb
most stories by Little Baby Ginn
Source: Death by 1000 Papercuts


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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