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Vicki Iseman, John McCain and Presidential Candidate Scandals

DBKP Library of Political Scandals
DBKP stories involving 2008 Presidential Candidates
* Vicki Isemin-John McCain
* Hillary Clinton-Huma Abedin
* Barack Obama-Larry Sinclair
* John Edwards-Rielle Hunter

Vicki Iseman

DBKP Political Scandal Library

DBKP stories and videos about scandals involving 2008 Presidential candidates.


DBKP stories about, or mentioning, the John McCain-Vicki Iseman connection:

* 25 Vicki Iseman-John McCain Affair Quotes

Who is the Internet commentator who dropped hints in comments on video websites weeks before the NYTimes released their story on John McCain-Vicki Iseman?
* The Mysterious EllaLohan

Cindy McCain: Lies, Drugs, Theft, and Intimidation
John McCain used his Keating Five lawyer to file extortion charges against the man who called the DEA about wife, Cindy's Drug Theft
* Cindy McCain: The McCain Manipulation Machine

* Vicki Iseman: McCain's Aide "Had no reason to ask her" about Romantic Involvement"

Is it true that the only evidence the NY Times has is that John McCain is a Republican?
* "Denials and "No Substantial Evidence"

* Vicki Iseman, McCain: Times Story's Motives, Timing Questioned

* Who is Vicki Iseman?

* John McCain: New Female Lobbyist Scandal

* Cindy McCain-Vicki Iseman: Striking Similarities?

From December 21, 2007
* John McCain and Lobbyists: Not Exactly News

From December 20, 2007
* John McCain Tries Spiking NY Times Story: Ghosts of the Keating Five Past?

From December 20, 2007
* McCain Lobbyist Story: Spin, Smear or Straight Reporting?

From January 31, 2008
* John McCain's Double Talk Tango


Over 25 stories involving John Edwards and "producer" Rielle Hunter, who produced a video for the Edwards campaign. The video mysteriously disappeared and questions began to be raised as to "why?" and "Who is Rielle Hunter?"

The National Enquirer broke the story in October 2007. Edwards denied it and Rielle Hunter denounced the Enquirer--even though it had not named her as the other woman.

In December 2007, the Enquirer published a picture of the now-pregnant Rielle Hunter. Hunter had been moved to within 5 miles of the Edwards campaign HQ in Chapel Hill, NC. She was living in a $1 million-plus home of an Edwards' backer, driving a BMW registered to Edwards former Director of Finance and having her bills paid for by--whom?

Stories on Hunter, Edwards and the subsequent total Mainstream Media blackout of the story.

* DBKP John Edwards Love Child Scandal Library
Over 30 DBKP stories on the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child Scandal.


Ongoing story of Larry Sinclair, a gay man who alleges a night of sex and cocaine in the back of Sinclair's rented limo in Gurnee, IL in 1999.

Sinclair has since filed a federal lawsuit against Obama and others in the campaign alleging harassment. Sinclair is scheduled to take a polygraph test next week (week of February 24, 2008.

Again, the MSM has imposed a total news blackout on the story. Includes the video where Sinclair makes his allegations. The video, on YouTube, has over 400,000 hits at last count.

* Larry Sinclair: Latest on the Obama Accuser

* Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Hits up YouTubers for Cash

* Obama: Muslim Call to Prayer "One of the Sweetest Sounds on Earth"

* Controversy Surrounding Polygraph Expert

Larry Sinclair's full statement and additions:
* Sinclair Flunks Polygraph; Polygraph Expert Flunks Credibility Test?

* Larry Sinclair Fails Polygraph Tests

* Obama Supporters Circulating Fake Washington Post Editorial?

We contacted Larry Sinclair. After a brief exchange of emails, we received no more response. We fill in the blanks on Larry Sinclair.
* Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Takes a Polygraph

* Bill O'Reilley Tap-Dances around Larry Sinclair-Obama Story

* Larry Sinclair: Obama, Sex, Drugs and the MSM

* Obama: Gay Man Alleges Sex, Drugs with Barack in 1999

* NEW! "Obama: Gay Man Threatened Over Sex and Drugs Claims"


Two stories on the relationship between "special assistant" Huma Abedin.

* Hillary Clinton's Lesbian: It would set Gay Rights Back 50 years

* Hillary Coming Out: Resume Enhancement?

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Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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